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Wood Destroyer app review: a fun knock-'em-down strategic game



Wood Destroyer is an iPhone and iPad game that requires you to use physics in angles. Launch your blue cube on the gray blocks, and tap to destroy the red blocks.

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Wood Destroyer


Destroy the Blocks

Wood Destroyer was designed by a 14-year-old game developer in Kuwait. He started developing recently, and has been creating fun games for the iPad and iPhone. To play you have to keep the blue cube on the dark brown blocks after you destroy all of the lighter wood blocks. All you have to do to achieve this is tap on them, and be ready for the other unbalanced blocks to fall or tip over. Your good timing and smart thinking will help you achieve your goal.

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The first level is so easy that you have to tap blocks after you’ve already settled the blue block onto the dark brown block. The levels quickly get more difficult though requiring more careful timing so you don’t knock the blue block off of the dark brown block. It may take you a couple tries, but no big deal, just keep trying and working on your timing.

All About the Timing

Wood Destroyer requires you to have good timing to pass the levels. You can only take out one block at a time, so sometimes this makes the tower unbalanced when the top level is dark brown rather than light brown. It’s all about the balance.

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This game is pretty simple, but I really enjoyed playing with the blocks. Partially because I love to build towers and balance in real life too. If you don’t have the dexterity, then you’ll have to keep practicing, but no big deal! There’s no limit to trying, and if you want to, you can check the timer to see if you’ve improved or not. As this is a young developer just starting out, there aren’t a lot of fancy features that you would see with another more advanced app; however, I really appreciate the work that this young man has done! A great start to his career!

Wood Destroyer


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Well-designed and a great start for this young developer
  • The program is solid so the blue block reacts true to gravity


  • None found

Final Thoughts

Wood Destroyer is an iPhone and iPad game that requires you to break down the tower to get the blue block down to the bottom dark brown block without knocking it off into oblivion. To do this, you just have to break all of the light brown blocks, but be careful! If your timing is off then the block will slide off and you’ll have to start all over again. I enjoyed testing this app from this young developer, and found it to be a fun game for all ages. The younger crowd of two- to four-year-olds may not be able to get the block to stay, but they’ll still have fun knocking the blocks down. Older than that and they will start getting the idea and successfully complete the levels.


Wood Destroyer

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