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The Whole Pantry app review: a collection of whole food recipes



If you have been trying to put a focus on "basic foods" into your meals there are ways to go about it that makes the process easy and tasty. The Whole Pantry app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone has been created to offers customers ideas of how to live with whole foods and a healthy eating lifestyle. This app is ideal for vegetarians, vegans, Paleo, and for "clean" eating. There is a variety of recipes, articles, guides, and more that users can enjoy browsing.

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A Healthy Eating Reference Tool

The Whole Pantry app feels almost like a reference tool for those looking to follow a healthy eating lifestyle such as vegetarians, vegans, Paleo-friendly diet items, and even clean eating options. Users are treated to 74 recipes to try and a variety of articles and guides that focus on healthy lifestyle choices, wellness, and general health. The idea behind incorporating more whole foods into your diet is that you will start to see all kinds of benefits both physically and mentally. This is a universal app that will work on all your devices so that it's always available to you.

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The app requires iOS 7.1 or later to use and there is one in-app purchase of a Holidays Pack of recipes that is priced at $0.99. There are regular updates offered and these are all free. The app has four out of five stars from users who seem to be pretty happy with the offering but some criticism has been left. Users would love to see more recipes in future updates. In its last update there were some bug fixes, a new search bar tool, additional recipes added as the in-app purchase, and the photos appear crisper on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

A collection of recipes and information
A collection of recipes and information

Taking a Closer Look

The Whole Pantry app puts quite a bit of focus on the added tools and features; for example, you can create a shopping list right from within the app and then share it by email. Each of the recipes has more than one picture so you get a clear idea of the finished product, there is a recommended section where you can find recommendations for websites/books/documentaries/blogs, and there is a conversion tool to convert the units of measurement. Each recipe has "recipe indicators" so you can quickly see if it is vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free, etc., and you can save your favorite recipes.

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Photos will leave you drooling
Photos will leave you drooling

Pros and Cons


  • The app provides users with inspiration and a means to go about adding whole foods into their meals
  • There are recipes, articles, and guides
  • Mark items as favorites
  • Share recipes with others
  • Create a shopping list from within the app


  • The amount of recipes isn’t massive

Step by step instructions
Step by step instructions

Final Words

The Whole Pantry app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a healthy recipe based offering that feels like a reference tool of sorts. It could definitely do with additional content to help make this one even more useful.


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