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Men's Six Pack Abs app review: get abs at home



Men's Six Pack Abs | 7 Minute Core Trainer - Get ripped abdominals at home! is an iPhone and iPad app that provides a great workout in seven minutes. If you’re a busy person, then jump in and get your core trained in a short period of time.

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Get Fit

Men's Six Pack Abs is a workout app that will help you sort out a program to get fit in only seven minutes. This app focuses on the core so you can develop your six pack, just keep in mind that you have to be very lean to have a visible six pack. Additionally, this app specifies that it’s for men as men can be healthy at a lower body fat composition than women. That doesn’t mean that women won’t benefit from the exercises though.

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I enjoyed checking out the exercises, going through the bodyweight exercises. Exercises such as flutter kick, bicycle crunches, clam, and more. Each exercise is demonstrated as the timer goes for 30 seconds, then 10 seconds of rest. There is a voice to tell you what’s coming up or which exercise you’re doing, and there is also a description of the exercise if you aren’t sure what’s going on in the illustration.

10 Exercises

Men's Six Pack Abs has 10 exercises. Lying Flutter Kicks, Bicycle Crunch, Crunch, Crunch Twist, Clam, Lying Leg Raises, Abdominal Twist, Alternate Heel Touches, Rollback, and Planche. Each exercise can be viewed from the main menu by clicking the dumbbell, and there is also a settings gear. Under the settings, there’s only more information on the app such as talk to us, review our app, and more apps. There isn’t a set the time, change the exercises, or anything like that, but to go through 10 exercises in seven minutes you’ll get a great core workout for sure!

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The exercises in this app are beautifully illustrated by a three-dimensional model. He looks realistic, but not so much so as to be creepy. Interestingly, the app has a woman’s voice to motivate the men using it. It does send you reminders, but I didn’t see any settings to adjust the frequency of reminders either.

Pros & Cons


  • $1.99
  • 10 core exercise to practice
  • Work for 30 seconds, rest for 10
  • Great seven-minute program to keep you motivated and on the road to fitness


  • Cannot change the voice
  • Cannot adjust the frequency of the notifications

Final Thoughts

Men's Six Pack Abs | 7 Minute Core Trainer - Get ripped abdominals at home! is an iPhone and iPad app that will help you get fit. Core fitness and strength is necessary to have a strong back and therefore do simple activities such as shovel your driveway, take out the trash, or move your furniture more easily. These every day activities should not hurt you, but if you have not taken care of your body and specifically your back and core then you could easily injure yourself. Overall, this app is well designed, great to work with, and straightforward to use.


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