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Water Tracker Hydration Reminder app review: iHydrate will keep you drinking



Water Tracker Hydration Reminder - iHydrate is an iPad and iPhone health app that will help you track your water intake so that you can help yourself to drink enough water. Set your own limits, create reminders, and more.

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iHydrate -Daily Water Tracker & Hydration Reminder


Drink Up

Water Tracker Hydration Reminder will help you to get and stay hydrated. There are charts and reminders to keep you drinking, and this app has become so popular that every three seconds, someone is using it to track their water intake. With unlimited custom reminders, four custom drink sizes, and several drink options, this app is a tap and go liquid intake reminder. I appreciate that it’s not just water, because it allows you to figure out how much you’re drinking all together. Ideally, you would drink only water, but sometimes you need a coffee or tea.

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The drink options in this app are water, milk, juice, soda, coffee, tea, sports drink, and energy drink. Each has a different color so the pie chart is color coded for easy viewing. Water is blue, milk is light gray, juice is orange, soda is red, coffee is brown, tea is dark yellow, sports drink is lavender, and energy drink is mint green.

Drink Up image


Water Tracker Hydration Reminder does have its quirks. For example, when you tap on a drink it asks you how many ounces or milliliters you drank. The icon of a tea pot, soda glass, energy drink can, or coffee pot appears for example, and then as you add the liquid amount the container fills up. If you’ve set your custom sizes, then you can tap on those, or you can tap on the drink size to type in a number. The quirk is that if you accidentally click add drink with one ounce, then one ounce will be added to your daily total, and you cannot remove the added quantity. What you can do is add the rest of your drink, so it is fixable.

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Another thing I noticed is that in the chart section to track your daily goals; when I was accidentally adding one ounce at a time I had a whole bunch of small sips of tea and then the whole cup. It was pretty funny, but that’s how the learning curve goes!

Setting it up for your use is easy. Just type in your name, weight, and gender. The app will calculate how much water you should drink, or you can set it to an amount you think is more reasonable. For example it is recommended that an adult drinks eight glasses of water a day. At eight ounces per glass, that’s 64 ounces per day. If you’re metric, it works out to about two liters a day. However, there is an algorithm that suggests you should be drinking a half ounce of water per pound so if you weigh 180 pounds multiplied by half, you would get 90 ounces. If you weigh 130 you would get 65 ounces. It works out differently for everyone.

Quirks image

iHydrate -Daily Water Tracker & Hydration Reminder


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Eight optional sources
  • Four custom sizes
  • View your daily intake on a pie chart
  • View your weekly intake on a bar graph
  • Custom profile to calculate intake


  • Cannot delete entries

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

Water Tracker Hydration Reminder - iHydrate is an iPhone and iPad app that will help you to track your water and other liquid intake. It’s a great tap to enter app that I have enjoyed testing out. Overall, it's easy to use and versatile.

iHydrate -Daily Water Tracker & Hydration Reminder

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