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Road Conditions Pro app review: get the inside scope on the roads



If you have a road trip planned or you just depend on getting around by car and need to know what the road conditions are like before heading out then this app can certainly help you out. The Road Conditions Pro app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone offers users almost 400 different road cameras to check in with so they can view the road conditions. The route tracking app is meant to be used for roads in the state of California and is ideal for residents or visitors to the state.

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Road Conditions Pro


Know the Conditions in Advance

Wouldn't it be great to be aware of the road conditions before you head out so you know the best route to take? That's exactly where the Road Conditions Pro app can help drivers out in the state of California. This app provides you with access to almost 400 road cameras so you don't have to take anyone else's word for it; you'll be able to see the conditions first-hand. The app is set up to be a reference guide so that you can get information on traffic issues, road closures, and when weather conditions are causing problems on the road.

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This app that tracks your route seems to be missing the mark in a really big way, getting just two out of five stars from users. Customers are disappointed in the lack of states it covers and there are some performance issues. In its last update, which was four years ago, there was a fix made to the memory of the app that was causing crashing. The one good thing going for the app is the fact it's an ad-free experience.

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Finding What You Need

Of course it's all about the information you can access with the Road Conditions Pro app. To use the app you can search by region, keyword, mountain roads, or by highway. It's meant to be more than just road conditions however as you can also locate rest stops along your route. With this feature you'll be able to view your current position and then what's in a 50 mile radius of it such as the rest stops, washroom facilities, RV facilities, and more.

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Additional features include being able to find the road cams that are located nearby, and the ability to bookmark routes for future use. Moving forward, you just click on the route to view the latest information.

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Road Conditions Pro


Pros and Cons


  • The app allows you to search in a variety of different ways
  • Save routes so that you can quickly view the cameras again
  • Let the app find you rest stops, RV facilities, and washroom facilities nearby


  • The app isn’t always stable
  • Users are unimpressed with the amount of information

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Final Words

The Road Conditions Pro app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is meant to help users navigate the roads and find the best route however this one fails to offer a stable experience plus users are left unimpressed by its lack of content.

Road Conditions Pro

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