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Kinedu app review: a baby development educational game-2021



Kinedu | Baby Brain Development is an iPhone and iPad app that will help your baby learn essentials. Through the developmental roadmap full of brain building moments, your child will be able to discover a love for learning.

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Kinedu app offers thousands of activities and milestone tracking with a plan that adapts to your child’s development as well as needs. Get daily personalized playtime activities created by experts in child development that support your child’s growth and learning from infancy to toddlerhood (0-4 years) with this baby progression app.

Kinedu: Baby Development Plan


Hundreds of Activities

Kinedu has more than 700 activities. There are easy-to-follow videos that allow you to quickly figure out how to do the activities, and you can use the moments timeline to share pictures and videos of your baby`s achievements with friends and family. Parents are always proud to share the accomplishments of their kids, and this app has that built right into the education program you can use for your child to play with.

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Kids love technology. This is just a fact. The flashing lights, the movement that responds to their finger's touch, and the joy of discovery all keep kids coming back for more. The kids of today are also seeing their parents on their own devices constantly. This can be a great learning tool, but it can also cause issues from vision, to attention, and hasn't been proven to educate any more than more traditional ways of learning with paper and pencil or through interacting with elders or peers.

Join more than 5 million parents and build your child’s skills through play with baby development app. Track milestones and gain the knowledge you need to support your child’s growth inside of this great baby tracker app.

Hundreds of Activities image


Kinedu has done research to develop its program though. The app uses the latest finding in the fields of child development and psychology to create interesting, subscription based activities for your child.  The app creates a developmental roadmap personalized to your child based on their activities rather than the average child. It also has more than 500 milestones in the first two years to help children engage.

I got my iPhone while expecting our third child. I tracked my pregnancy through it, and after she was born I took many photos and videos of her life with it. She has had it in her life every day her whole existence, and thus has been touching and interacting with it since she was very young. She started out with little apps, and moved on to the toddler learning apps now that she`s two and a half. I haven't given her any subscription apps, but apps like this do have their place. More parents are trying to help their kids learn with their devices, and education has become technologically interactive and that goes for school iPad sets too.

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Kinedu: Baby Development Plan


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Over 500 milestones included
  • Over 700 activities
  • Many different features including video instructions, family and friend share, tracks for viewing accomplishments, and seasons for brain building moments


  • Subscription rather than one-time purchase based

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

Kinedu | Baby Brain Development is an iPhone and iPad app that entertains children in an educational way. There are over 700 activities hitting over 500 milestones in the first two years of life in the activities designed by the developers of this app. It is well thought out to engage children, but it is subscription based. That`s really the only con in this great app.

Kinedu: Baby Development Plan

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