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TweetBoost Pro app review: a great app to get Twitter followers and track unfollowers



TweetBoost Pro is an app that can help you become a Twitter superstar in no time. It helps you gain new followers and offers tools that enable you to track followers and unfollowers. The app allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts so you can use it both for personal branding and for business promotion. Developed by App Channel Limited, this application is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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How to Boost Your Twitter Presence Using TweetBoost

Twitter is one of the most dynamic social networks today. It is also a micro-blogging platform for sharing news, ideas, and personal insights. You can use it communicate with other people from across the world. With close to half a billion active users, Twitter provides opportunities for you to expand your global connection.

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But Twitter can also become a lonely place if you don’t have a significant number of followers. Without the right tools, it is really hard to quickly increase your followers especially if you’re a new user.

By using TweetBoost, you can quickly break the 1000-follower barrier and become an instant sensation on the web. This app offers the right tools that will enable you to leverage the power of Twitter.

The app allows you to collect coins that you can use to gain new followers. When you post a tweet, make a retweet, or follow other people, you will be rewarded with a certain amount of coins. As you increase your activity on Twitter, you are also building up your coin collections to boost your follower base.

The app sets goals or missions that help measure your progress on Twitter. You can easily accomplish your goals by interacting with other Twitter users and earning more coins. 

Features of TweetBoost Pro

TweetBoost Pro integrates seamlessly with Twitter. This means you can use all the features of Twitter directly from the app. You can post a tweet and retweet, follow other people, and reply to conversations using the platform of TweetBoost.

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The app allows you to collect and earn coins for every action or activity that you make on Twitter. You can use these coins to get new followers. The more coins you collect, the more followers you get. You can gain as many as 2,000 followers in no time by simply building your collections of coins.

TweetBoost offers an easy to use monitoring tool for your Twitter activity. It has a dedicated page for viewing a list of your followers while another page lists all the people who unfollowed you.

And lastly, the app allows you to create multiple accounts for your different Twitter personas. Just go to the settings section and tap the Add Account button to register a new Twitter handle. 

Pros and Cons


  • Offers a quick way to get new Twitter followers
  • Allows you to earn coins for any activity
  • Multiple account option
  • Tracking tool for new followers and unfollowers
  • Easy to use


  • In-app purchase gets more expensive if you want to gain more followers

Final Thoughts

TweetBoost helps boost your Twitter presence. The app gets followers for you to expand your online connections. It is a good app for new Twitter users who want to quickly increase the number of their followers. 


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