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Boston Marathon World Run app review: participate in Boston Marathon wherever you are



Boston Marathon World Run is a ground-breaking mobile application that connects runners throughout the world who want to participate in the traditional Boston Marathon. No matter where you are in the world, you can still run your own marathon, set goals, and share your experience thanks to this app. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Boston Marathon World Run


The Easy Way to Participate in the Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon is a big annual event that attracts tens of thousands of participants throughout the world. Runners from all corners of the globe compete with each other to qualify for this prestigious event.

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But what if you cannot make it to Boston in time for the marathon? What if you don’t have the ability to complete the 26.2 miles course as required by the Boston Athletic Association? There is no need to worry because you can still participate in the event by simply using the Boston Marathon World Run app.

This app is specially created to expand the runner base of the event. It gives you a chance to become an accomplished Boston Marathon runner no matter where you are. The app also allows you to set your own goals depending on your specific abilities. You can finish your goal in one day simultaneous with the Boston Marathon or accomplish your target distance over several days of running.

The best part about this app is that you can share your experiences to the world. It allows you to upload photos and videos of your own marathon to the event website so that other people can see your accomplishments and participation.


The app offers you an easy way to participate in the annual Boston Marathon. You can pledge to run a certain distance and submit it in the app. A personal profile will be created for you where you can view your total pledge and the progress of your run.

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This app is closely integrated with Twitter and Facebook which gives you the chance to share your participation with your friends. You can also follow the progress of your friends who are also running for the Boston Marathon.

Boston Marathon World Run offers an impressive social sharing feature. It allows you to post photos and videos of your activities that are related to the marathon. All submitted photos and videos will be posted on the event website with map locators that will display your current location.

Most importantly, the app allows you to make a donation to the Boston Marathon Fund. Your donation will be displayed in your profile and will be added to the ever-growing world fund for the event. 

Boston Marathon World Run


Pros and Cons


  • Allows you to pledge to run any distance
  • With personalized profile to track your progress
  • Offers social sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and Boston Marathon website
  • Offers rewards and gifts for successful participation
  • Updates and news about the event


  • Needs to support more language for non-English speaking participants

Final Thoughts

Boston Marathon World Run is the perfect app for those who want to join the prestigious Boston Marathon. It allows people from all over the world to participate even if they’re thousands of miles away from Boston.


Boston Marathon World Run

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