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eXpresso Lite for Starbucks (R) Coffee app review: a new way of ordering your best coffee



Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. eXpresso Lite for Starbucks ® Coffee is an iOS application created by Snow Storm Software to enable iPhone and iPad users to order for Starbucks coffee from the comfort of their homes or offices even during wee hours of the night. It is fully compatible with this two devices and the default language is English.

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eXpresso!, for Starbucks(R) Coffee


The Smart Way of Ordering Starbucks Coffee

eXpresso Lite for Starbucks ® Coffee is a smart application that has redefined the manner in which people order for coffee from the many Starbucks outlets. Despite its premium features, this application is free and you can use it for as many times as you want. One of the key features is the graphic drink creator available in the pro edition. It provides users with accurate details on all featured selections as well as nutritional information. In addition, you can access your Starbucks ® account on the app without having to close it first.

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The developers have worked smart to come up with a smart interface that is very easy to navigate. In fact, no prior experience is required to use the application as all the information you need is provided. Gone are the days when you would only enjoy the traditionally prepared coffee. With this app, you will be able to come up with a unique coffee drink while on the go. The process is quite easy, as you just have to follow the special instructions provided.

Best Features of eXpresso Lite for Starbucks ® Coffee

Language is one of the factors that hinder companies and organizations from expanding their operation into countries whose native language is unfamiliar to their personnel. eXpresso Lite for Starbucks ® Coffee developers know this fact too well and have incorporated a special Starbucks translator on the display to help you direct Barista correctly when placing your order.

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The creative graphics is another major attribute that give this app an upper hand in the market. They create a realistic feel as you mix the ingredients and place your order. For instance, you will be able to add new smoothies into your drink that you will add value to it. No need if you do not know the various smoothies as there are hundreds of smoothies in the app that you can select.

Most people love drink concentrated coffee. In response to this, the app has a custom option that allows one to limit the amount of water that is added to the drink. The new version does not have the eggnog drinks that are currently obsolete in most countries.

eXpresso!, for Starbucks(R) Coffee


Pros and Cons


  • Sends orders to the nearest Starbucks coffee shop fast
  • Great graphics to guide you as you prepare the drink
  • Ability to customize your drink by adding smoothies


  • You need a reliable Internet connection to derive maximum utility from the app

Final Thoughts

eXpresso Lite for Starbucks ® Coffee is an amazing app that you can use to order for coffee from Starbucks outlets. You will not be charged to access the premium features.

eXpresso!, for Starbucks(R) Coffee

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