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Life Coach app review: get free self improvement and hypnotherapy information



Life is a one-way journey; you will never get a second chance to achieve your life goals if you do not take the first chance. Life Coach is a smart iTunes application developed by TapMedia Ltd to provide users with free self-improvement and hypnotherapy information that they can use to improve their lifestyles and achieve their goals. English is the default language and it is compatible with both iPhone and iPad devices. 

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Life Coach - FREE Self Improvement, Personal Development and Hypnotherapy


Get Free Self Improvement Materials Today

Life Coach is a modern iOS application that is designed to provide users with tested and approved methods of improving their lifestyles. To achieve this, it provides tips and information that they can use to remain optimistic even when faced with stressful situations. It is first validated by self-improvement personnel who have academic qualifications and experience before it is uploaded so quality is guaranteed.

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One of the benefits of using this app is that it offers hundreds of free materials that you can use to redefine the manner in which you think and tackle various problems and issues that you come across in life. The developers have incorporated a search feature that allows users to look for specific content using keywords. This will definitely save you time and make it easy to navigate the app chapters. You can decide to browse the materials based on the authors or categories. It all depends with your specific needs and preferences. There is also several Top Charts that list the highest rated materials that you can read. Examples of information that you will receive include tips on how to lose weight, how to stop smoking, how to get good night sleep and the list is endless. 

Best Features

Charts are the major features that give Life Coach a higher cutting edge in the market. In fact, it is recommendable to go straight to the charts if you are in a hurry to save time that you would have spent scrolling through all the materials.

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The information is written in a very simple language that is easy to understand for all. Hence, you will not need to be a wordsmith or native English speaker to benefit from this application. The materials are researched and written by expert authors who have years of experience. This way, quality and value for your time is guaranteed.

The developers have also incorporated a number of video animations that describes various hypnotherapy strategies as well as tracks that you can listen to after a long day at work. Each animation has a high-quality audio that clearly describes the tips. Of course, you can replay the tracks and animations for as many times as possible.


Life Coach - FREE Self Improvement, Personal Development and Hypnotherapy


Pos & Cons


  • Provides proven self-improvement information
  • Offers great video animations and audio tracks to help you grasp the idea
  • Great interface that is easy to navigate


  • There is no guarantee that the materials provided will help you achieve your life goals

Final Thoughts

Life Coach is an amazing app that you can count on to redefine your life. It is quite easy to use and the materials are nothing short of amazing.

Life Coach - FREE Self Improvement, Personal Development and Hypnotherapy

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