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Bike Mag app review: get news on mountain biking sports tournaments



Mountain biking is one of the most popular sporting activities. As the name suggests, most of the tournaments are held in areas with rough terrain during summer. Bike Mag is a dedicated smartphone application developed by Grind Media, LLC to give you news related to this sporting activity. English is the default language and the app is only 6.9MB in size.

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Bike Mag


What to Expect from Bike Mag

Bike Mag is an innovating magazine app that is tailored to work perfectly in both iPhone and iPad devices. The graphics are optimized for various screen resolutions hence you do not need to change any of the settings. Just download, install it, and start enjoying fresh news on various mountain biking tournaments.

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One of the key highlights that set it apart from other biking magazine applications is that it captures sports personalities, issues, and trends. This information is presented in short but comprehensive articles that are written by expert writers who not only have proven writing skills but also an in-depth understanding of this sport.

To make it even more realistic, each article has a high-definition image to describe the content. By just reading it, you will be motivated to go outside and ride your bike to the mountains. Apart from fun, some of the health benefits that can be derived from this outdoor activity including an increase in blood circulation, promotes functionalism of respiratory system, loss of weight, stress relief, and much more. 

What to Expect from Bike Mag image

Best Features

Bike Mag is one of the best sources of digital news related to mountain biking sports. One of the major attributes that makes it an ideal application is the user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. You just need to swipe your touch screen to move from one article to the other. To appreciate the efforts that the writers input to write the article, their names are included on the top of each article. This means that you can follow a particular writer whose work resonates with your specific preferences.

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You can try out the app for free by taking advantage of the 30-day free trial period. Afterwards, you can opt for the one-year subscription that is currently priced at $8.99. It is important to note that this subscription will take effect after 30 days free trial period and will be automatically renewed if you do not cancel it at least 24 hours before the current period expires. In addition, the amount will be billed from your iTunes account once you confirm the purchase.

The latest 4.1 version has improved performance capabilities and bug fixes to help to access the information stress-free.

Best Features    image

Bike Mag


Pros and Cons


  • High-definition images on each article
  • Very affordable
  • Advanced bug fixes and improved performance on new version
  • No Internet access is required


  • It is not possible to purchase previous issues
  • The articles are written in English only so people who are not conversant with this language cannot use it

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Bike Mag is an ideal source of mountain sports biking news and information. 

Bike Mag

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