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Coffee Ideas by Frankie app review: learn how to prepare great coffee recipes



Preparing the perfect coffee beverage is usually a daunting task to most people due to the strategic preparation steps that have to be followed to the letter. Frankie Coffee Systems has developed an innovative iOS app, Coffee Ideas by Frankie, to provide users with information on how to prepare this drink. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices. Currently, the default languages are German and English.

The best iPad apps for coffee lovers

Coffee Ideas by Franke - iPad Edition


Get Professional Tips on How to Prepare Coffee

Coffee Ideas by Frankie is a special iOS application that is tailored to provide you with fresh ideas that you can use to prepare coffee at home or at work. The many positive reviews that it has received from users are enough evidence that it delivers on its promises. To ensure that you get accurate information always, the information is first tested before being added to the database by experts. This has greatly helped it to maintain a clean record of accomplishment in the market.

The best iPad apps for coffee lovers

The user-friendly interface is another major attribute that give it a higher cutting edge in the market. For instance, it has high definition images of glasses and mugs filled with freshly prepared coffee to get you in the mood of preparing some yourself. Some of the trendy beverage creations propose the use of various ingredients such as cold milk form, flavorings, ice, coffee and more. There's no need to worry on how to mix the ingredients as there is a detailed guideline.

Best Features of Coffee Ideas

Unlike other similar applications, Coffee Ideas by Frankie is not reliant on the Internet.

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The fresh coffee drinks recipes are one of the major attributes that makes it the best app in this niche. When planning to hold an event, you can add elegance to it by trying out the savory coffee creations using chocolate, milk, and some syrup. Be sure to follow the special instructions provided by the developer to get the best results.

The latest 1.2 version has a new interface design that is easier to navigate than the first one. There are also a number of improvements that are tailored to make it compatible with iPhone 6 Plus. Another addition in this version is the simplified filtering logic that you can use to look for a particular recipe without having to scroll through the entire database.

Coffee Ideas by Franke - iPad Edition


Pros and Cons


  • Provides fresh recipe ideas that you can use to prepare coffee
  • No Internet access is required
  • Less prone to bugs
  • Dynamic search feature
  • Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch


  • There is no guarantee that some of the recipes are actually implementable

Final Thoughts

Coffee Ideas by Frankie is a must have tool if you love preparing coffee. The database is regularly updated to give you the best coffee experience. 

Coffee Ideas by Franke - iPad Edition

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