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Men’s Body Building Magazine app review: get ripped fast



To get that perfect body shape that you have been yearning for, you need to take part in various bodybuilding exercises. Men’s Bodybuilding Magazine created by Atom Apps Co Pty Ltd is tailored to give all iPhone and iPad users information on how to get ripped fast. The entire app is just 6.7MB and the default language is English. 

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Men's Body Building Magazine


Get Ripped Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible

Men’s Bodybuilding Magazine is an essential tool that any person who wants to get amazing biceps needs to invest in. The positive reputation and success stories narrated by people who have actually used it to transform their bodies are clear proof that it delivers. One of the major reasons why you should consider investing in this app is that it provides hundreds of workout videos that are done by expert trainers who have years of experience in this industry. You just need to follow the systematic guide provided to get maximum benefits from each of the proposed exercises.

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Examples of some of the exercises that this app magazine explains include Cardio Workouts, Strength Workouts, Bodybuilding Workouts, and UFC Workouts. Each category proposes a number of different exercises that have been tested and proven to be effective in helping reduce body fat and build muscles. Other health benefits that can be derived from the exercises include improved blood circulation, relieve stress, and strengthen joints. 

Get Ripped Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible image

Best Features

Men’s Bodybuilding Magazine comes with high-quality images of real people who work out on a daily basis to maintain their body composition. You will surely get inspired by their success testimonials especially during the initial stages when you are not yet decided.

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The developers have gone a step further to not only provide details on various workouts but also nutritional advice that you can use to supply the body with all the nutrients that it requires to take part in the exercises. It is very important that you follow this information to prevent accumulation of fat and build muscles.

In addition, the app will furnish you with great insights from the best bodybuilders in the world to motivate you as you continue to work out. Remember that you will not achieve results immediately. In fact, the amount of time needed to start seeing positive change in your body depends on your bodies metabolic rate and the number of times that you workout. Someone who works out on daily basis is more likely to build muscles faster than someone who just exercises once or twice per week.

To get just one issue, you will need to pay $4.99. The monthly subscription is $2.99, six month subscription is $15.99 while the yearly subscription is only $29.99.

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Men's Body Building Magazine


Pros and Cons


  • Provides high-definition workout videos to guide you
  • Insights from the best bodybuilders to motivate you
  • Very affordable
  • Exercises are described in simple language


  • The developer needs to include more videos that describes other strength- and muscle-building workouts

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Men’s Bodybuilding Magazine is an amazing app that will equip you with first-hand information on how to build muscles. Most of the exercises are easy and the high-definition videos will guide you from the word go until you achieve the expected results.

Men's Body Building Magazine

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