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Science Today app review: get info on latest technology- and science-related news



Science is one of the most dynamic subjects of our lives. Every day, scientists discover new living organisms, drugs, and advanced ways of combating some of the deadly diseases in the world today. Science Today is an iOS app developed by California Academy of Science to provide accurate and details news related to science. The entire app is just 6.4MB and it is compatible with both iPhone and iPad devices.

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Science Today


Get Informed on Latest Science News

Science Today is a dedicated mobile application that is programmed to provide you with information on all the latest science news. The articles are professionally crafted and edited before been uploaded to ensure that you get accurate info at all times. Examples of topics that the articles cover include innovative technologies, sustainability, space, earth, life and the list continues.

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It has a great interface that is easy to navigate as compared to other similar applications in the world. For instance, articles that cover topics related to space are listed in one category. This makes it very easy for one to find information especially while on the go. In addition, the name of the author is included on every article that you will find in this app.

It would be impossible to understand the various science advancements without pictures. The developers understand this fact too well as evident from the high-definition images attached to each article. They will help you to understand how the details covered. A picture of a beautiful bird will give you an idea on its general appearance and behaviors in the wild.

Best Features

Science Today is an amazing app that you can count on to keep you informed on various technologies. Unlike other similar apps in the world, this one has a number of videos that describe various systems and philosophies. The graphics are optimized to work perfectly on various screen resolutions so you do not have to change any settings to watch them. Just like the articles, they are thoroughly checked by experts in various fields to ensure that they are free from errors.

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Another major highlight about this application is that the information is presented in a very clear and precise manner. This way, you do not need a degree in scientific studies to benefit from this application. The developers have also worked hard to incorporate special features that allow one to share some of the articles and videos through various social media platforms such as Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter. It is also possible to send the articles straight to your email inbox by typing in your address.

Science Today


Pros and Cons


  • Provides high-definition images
  • Articles are described in simple language
  • Ability to share content with friends through social media
  • No Internet access is required


  • The developers need to update the database periodically to avoiding boring users with the same old content

Final Thoughts

Science Today is an amazing app that will furnish you with gold worthy science news. By using this application, you will get a deeper understanding of space and earth systems.


Science Today

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