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iBreastCheck app review: a full-featured app for preventing breast cancer



iBreastCheck is the companion app of Breakthrough Breast Cancer organization. This app offers different tools to help prevent the spread of breast cancer. It is also a campaign app to help other women overcome the effects of the disease. iBreastCheck is a universal application compatible with all iOS devices.

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Breast Check Now


iBreastCheck Offers the Right Tools to Fight Breast Cancer

According to official statistics, around 12 percent of women in the United Kingdom are vulnerable to breast cancer. The good news is you can prevent debilitating breast cancer through early detection and regular breast check-ups.

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With iBreastCheck, you will have a handy tool to prevent breast cancer. The app is designed as an instructional material to raise the awareness of women. It is also a campaign tool which you can use to help Breakthrough in its fight against the disease.

iBreastCheck offers an instructional video that demonstrates the proper steps in  performing breast self-examination. Apart from the video, there is also a slideshow that teaches the same thing. You can use these resources to learn routine breast check-ups.

You can also assess your risk factor by taking a breast cancer quiz. This quiz can be found under the Risk Report section. By answering the questions provided to you, the app will generate a custom report that shows your level of breast cancer risk. It takes into consideration your age, lifestyle, habits, and other critical factors that may trigger the development of breast cancer.

The app is easy to use. It offers a tabbed navigation bar to access different sections of the application. Simply tap on a tab to get the information you need. 

Best Features of iBreastCheck

This app offers an embedded video demonstration and a useful slideshow for breast self-exam. It also offers general information explaining the benefits and importance of self-check-ups.

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iBreastCheck allows you to set your self-exam schedules. It allows you to set the time and day of your exam. Reminders can be set monthly, fortnightly, or weekly. The app will send notifications to your device for every upcoming self-exam.

An important feature of iBreastCheck is the cancer risk assessment report. This is a useful feature to determine the level of risk that you are facing. You are required to answer a short lifestyle quiz to get your cancer report.

And lastly, iBreastCheck offers several tools that enable you to help other women who are suffering from breast cancer. Under the help section, you can choose to donate money to the campaigns of Breakthrough. You can also sign-up for a fund raising campaign or share the goals of Breakthrough to your friends and social networks.

Breast Check Now


Pros and Cons


  • Impressive layout with easy-to-use tabs
  • Offers video demonstration and slideshow for breast self-exams
  • Offers critical information and news about breast cancer
  • Self-assessment tool and risk factor report
  • Allows you to help other women


  • No negative review for this app

Final Thoughts

iBreastCheck is one of the best self-help medical app in the App Store. The app already received praise and awards from several prestigious organizations. This is a must-have app for all women.

Breast Check Now

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