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Wordhedron app review: a combination of skills is required



Some games require particular skills in order for you to succeed whereas others, such as this offering, requires a few key skills. The Wordhedron app can be played on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone will require players to use their perceptual skills as well as their impressive vocabulary skills. What you'll be doing in this challenge is searching through 3D polyhedron shapes in order to find hidden words. You'll be able to manipulate the shapes as you work your way through and you need to work fast.

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Your Heart will Pound

What’s funny about the Wordhedron app is that it is a simple game and there isn’t anything over-the-top graphics- and gameplay-wise, yet you’ll still find your heart will be racing and pounding. A big part of this sense of urgency and excitement is the fact you are working against the clock because there is a time limit in the game. You need to make as many words as you possibly can before the clock runs out. In order to make these words you can slide your finger across the 3D polyhedron shapes, which will then rotate the shape and you can tap on the letters to use them. Each game will feel unique thanks to the fact the shapes and letters are all randomly generated.

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The app has just been updated with a progress button that appears at the end of the game and this will show you how much more you would have done in order to hit the next rank. As well there is the ranking system that was introduced so that you can try to become a pro and take a look at where you rank.

A beautiful game board
A beautiful game board

Gaming Features

The Wordhedron app offers up a few simple gaming features such as the ability to track your performance thanks to the new ranking system. Not only will this paint a picture of how well you're doing but it also gives you a chance to compare where you stand next to your friends. There are also achievements which allow you to unlock shapes once you complete them.

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The user interface take a minimal approach so don't expect anything too high-tech and bright here. By offering such a slimmed down take on the game board players can really focus on the task at hand. At the end of the level you can check out your game stats which are the total words created, the high score, the longest word (the amount of letters and what the word was), plus the most words in a game.

Check out your game stats
Check out your game stats



Pros and Cons


  • The game offers plenty of levels of fun
  • This one is highly addictive and challenging
  • You are working to beat a clock which causes more intensity in the game
  • View all your game stats


  • This is a very simple offering and may not suit all players

Wordhedron screenshot
Wordhedron screenshot

Final Words

The Wordhedron app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone will put your word building skills to the test in a rather unique environment that proves to be addictive and fun.



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