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To Do app review: the best task management app



It is very easy to forget important tasks especially during weekdays when you have to attend to business- or work-related issues. To Do is an incredible task management iOS app developed by Erica Sadum to help users manage their time more efficiently. It is absolutely free and compatible with iPhone and iPad devices. Currently, the default language is English but you can write notifications in virtually any language that suits you.

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To Do


The Best Task Management Tool

To Do is an amazing iPad and iPhone task manager that you can use to manage your tasks professionally without having to spend a penny hiring a personal assistant or paying to use the app. The entire app is just 1.1MB and it will not affect functionalism of your device or the battery life. In fact, you will not even notice that it exists until you open it when adding or checking all activities that you are supposed to do in the course of the day or week.

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One of the major highlights is the smart interface that clearly displays all the alphabetical letters. You just need to tap on any of them to create a new task. In addition, you can delete sections that are incorrect in just one click or change some of the words from lower case to upper case and vice versa.

The interface is very user friendly so you do not need any special programming skills or experience to benefit from it. When using a fast Internet connection, it will only take you half a minute or less to download and install the app on your device.

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Best Features

The many positive reviews that this application has received from iPhone and iPad users is enough proof that it works. One of the highlights is the smart calendar that allows you to attach a specific date to tasks in just one click. This will help to save time for other income generating activities.

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Unlike other apps, you can send updates for upcoming events to your friends when online instantly without having to close the app first. In addition, you can attach a photo or any other document stored in your device’s memory to the task and send to friends easily.

All the icons representing the various features and capabilities are clearly articulated and displayed on the interface. You just need to click on them to write, attach, send, or edit the existing tasks. Most of the people who are currently using it can attest to the fact that the new version is easy to use and the font size is very visible as compared to the original version.

Best Features    image

To Do


Pros and Cons


  • You can add unlimited number of tasks
  • Will automatically notify you at a specific time
  • Clean interface that is simple and easy to navigate
  • Ability to attach documents to task and send them to friends online


Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

To Do is the best task management iOS app in the world. It is easy to use and no special skills are required.

To Do

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