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Lens Tracker LE app review: track your contact lens use and be reminded to change, refill, or for exam



Lens Tracker LE is an iPhone and iPad app that will help you track your contact lens use. If you’re a 30-day wearer or a 14-day wearer, then you can easily set up this app to remind you to toss and start your new pair!

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Lens Tracker LE


Care for Your Eyes

Lens Tracker LE will help you to care for your eyes by setting up reminders for your next contact lens pair. All you have to do is tap an eye to set one of six themes, set a replacement buffer from -13 to +15 days, and there is also an in app email of Rx information if you need to send a refill request to an online contact store.

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I also like that you can set up notifications both to change your pair of contacts and to refill your contact prescription. Even if the app isn’t running, you will get the notifications, and you can set the reminder for the time of day that works best for you. Maybe you want to sleep in but not forget your report, such as a 3:00 pm alert to remember more easily.

Care for Your Eyes image

Track Each Eye

Lens Tracker LE also helps you to track each eye. If for some reason you have to throw out one lens but the other is just fine, then you can add information for just the eye with the new lens. When I was wearing contact lenses, I’d just toss them both at the same time. If for example I tore one half-way through the cycle, I’d just toss both at the end of the initial cycle. With this app though, I wouldn’t have wasted a lens, I’d have known exactly when to switch the other one. Contact lenses are expensive!

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I also know people who have to wear different lenses for each eye. Some people can only wear monthlies for one eye and the two-week ones for the other. Astigmatism, prescription, comfort, and all of those variables make finding a contact lens that works more difficult than just grabbing it off the shelf. For these people, this app would also be very useful.

Track Each Eye image

Lens Tracker LE


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Notification reminders for replacing contacts, ordering refills, and eye exams
  • Custom backgrounds to personalize your experience
  • Set each eye individually if you tear a contact or wear different brands in each


  • None found

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Final Thoughts

Lens Tracker LE for iPhone and iPad app that will help you remember to change your contacts, order new ones, or that your next eye exam is coming up. I like how easy this app is to use, and how many variants they have thought of. It’s well-developed and easy to use. This is a great app.

Lens Tracker LE

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