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Free Music - Music Streamer and Playlist Manager app review: convenience at your fingertips



Music is said to bring joy into our lives. Imagine being able to play and listen to all types of music from wherever you are. The Free Music app is a top-notch music player developed by Eliza Li to make this dream come true. It is available in countless default languages including English, French, Italian, Spanish, simplified and traditional Chinese, among others. This app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch but it’s optimized for iPhone 5. However, one needs to have iOS 6 or later to download music from this app.

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Free Music Play - MP3 Streamer and Playlist Manager



There are many uses for this app and they are available in their most basic form. One of the uses is to simply search for favorite music and play while looking up other songs in the online streaming player at the same time. This use is aided by a touch function that makes the experience easy and enjoyable. One is able to skip some tracks and go to favorites only and you can also forward and rewind to your will. Repeating and shuffling tracks is also very possible with this app.

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Free Music enables one not only to view the music available worldwide but also the artists and their albums. You can also load iPod music within the app and play its music alongside while managing and removing songs from the iPod playlist.

This amazing music player gives the user the ability not only to custom make but also manage their own playlists and put them in different folders for their own convenience.

Best Features

The many incredible features loaded in this music player is a plus on its own because there is just no limit to what you can achieve with it. One is able to play, add, sort, remove and manage music among the available playlists. As if that was not enough you can then move music to other folders and create unlimited playlists.

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The touch function is an incredible feature that ensures one can operate the music player and still do other things safely like driving, exercising on the treadmill, and even doing house chores. All the necessary control features are available on the touch screen so it makes things incredibly easy. For those who like a bit of soothing silence, this music player has an amazing background music playback that one can use while studying or sleeping.

Free Music Play - MP3 Streamer and Playlist Manager


Pros and Cons


  • The app is free as the name suggests
  • It holds more than 99 percent of all songs in the world
  • It’s incredibly easy to use
  • The convenience brought about by this app is unbeatable
  • Audio control is perfect thanks to the sound equalizer


  • It seems that the easiest and fastest way to get music is by artist; search by album or song title still seem to be problematic

Final Thoughts

The Free Music app is indeed the best music player out there for searching and downloading any kind of music.

Free Music Play - MP3 Streamer and Playlist Manager

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