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Mitosis app review: all you need to know about cell division



Science, unlike other subjects, is founded on fascinating truths and facts. It makes use of a systematic and logical approach to try and explain how things in the universe work. Mitosis is an interactive iOS application that explains the various stages of the scientific process of cell division. Cell division is the process responsible for growth and repair of cells in the body. This application was developed by Inkling Systems, Inc. It is well-suited for use in iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. The default language is English and the app is only 9.0 MB.  

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Learn About the Process of Cell Division

The idea behind the Mitosis app was to provide a comprehensive explanation of how cells divide so as to grow new hair, repair skin tissues, and strengthen bones among other roles. This app explains this best through the Explore section that provides users with a detailed description of what occurs in each phase of mitosis. The seven phases described are: interphase, prophase, prometaphase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase, and cytokinesis. 

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Another key highlight of the Mitosis app is the Read and Listen section. This feature gives users a splendid chance to listen to audio messages that also explain the various phases of mitosis.

The best way to test your understanding of a particular subject is by means of taking self-tests or exercises. Mitosis provides learners with a chance of testing their understanding of mitosis through an interactive quiz.

In addition, this app tries to explain the link between mitosis and cancer cells. Basically, mitosis is the process through which cells reproduce. This implies that without this process, it would be impossible for cancerous cells to form tumors and spread throughout the body.

Best Features of Mitosis

For science lovers, Mitosis is one of the most incredible learning apps in the market today. It has an array of features that enable learners to grasp the concept of mitosis. The video content, which runs when a device is connected to the Internet, shows what happens at each phase of mitosis.

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It also features images of real cells dividing under a light microscope. The images are obtained from the cells of an actual African Globe Lily. These images enable learners to see what replicated structures look like in the real world.

You are likely to come across difficult terms when reading about mitosis either from a book, Internet sites, or lectures. Mitosis app comes packaged with a glossary feature that allows you to look up any difficult terms related to the subject.

The resources section is another one of Mitosis core features. It allows you to access additional resources from which you can gain better understanding of mitosis. 



Pros & Cons


  • Provides an interactive learning experience through the videos and quiz sessions
  • It is free 
  • Contains a glossary that has meanings of difficult terms related to mitosis


  • Mitosis is only beneficial to learners who are familiar with English language

Final Thoughts

Mitosis is a helpful learning app that makes it easy to understand the general process of cell division. 


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