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Radical app review: how far can you go?



This is the epitome of the group of ‘just one more try’ games ever created for iOS. With its captivating design and visuals, I bet it’s one of the best games you will ever come across for a long period of time. Unlike other games, this one comes with an amazing controls that allows you make humongous leap and bounds above many others. This application was developed by BeaverTap Games, LLC to enable you ease up after an exhaustive day at school or work. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. 

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How to Play Radical

This game engages both your mental and physical skills in order to win. When you see the side walls disappear, you have to quickly go after them. When you are playing this game, you learn that you can only move two columns at a time and if you decide to try and maneuver your way using the longer route, it often leads you to a dead end. However, the game coaches you on how to consecutively do well in a subtle way. Gamers fail painfully when they hit walls, but as your scores goes on to increase, you will realize that you are doing things the right way.

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As the game speed gets faster, you are required to unleash your prowess in steering the icon through the openings without hitting the walls. With all your control skills focused in the game, the only trial comes when justifying how far you can successfully go in the game.

Best Features

Radical stunningly supports both portrait and landscape mode. The portrait mode is essentially great because it best fits the game’s vertical scrolling. Additionally, maybe when in public areas, you might not want to attract the attention of the whole world that your phone is sideways and that you are playing a game. If you are the kind of person who would prefer to sit back and play the game in landscape mode, which is suitably more comfortable for gaming, then don’t feel offended to use that option.

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The changing color of the backgrounds adds a little element of surprise to each game without necessarily having you distracted by only changing before each round. This ensures that you quite never know how the game is next going to look like. This color schemes assists to keep the game appear more dynamic. Some of the colors blend together wonderfully to stimulate an enthralling feeling in gamers.



Pros and Cons


  • Ensures that you are entertained for hours
  • Comes with both hard and normal mode to suit your taste and preference
  • Outstanding boundaries that are fun to traverse
  • Superb controls
  • Amazing color scheme


  • The developer should create cool music theme that will complement the color themes of the game

Final Thoughts

Radical for iPad and iPhone teaches you how to maneuver your way through an array of challenging tasks that require speed and accuracy. Indeed, it’s a great time-killer worth the money.


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