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Buddyman™ Kick (by Kick the Buddy) app review: relieves stress



This time round, Buddyman has surprised you with yet another series of its action packed electrifying epic games. Buddyman™ Kick (by Kick the Buddy) is an epic game that centrally aims at relieving your stress. This new version of Buddyman will allow you to release stress with an array of weapons that will be tried on Buddyman during his training to become the world’s stress reliever super hero. This brains behind these brilliant game are the Crazylion Studios Limited. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. However, as you are being engaged in Buddyman’s exciting missions, don’t forget to check out Buddyman’s bright and colorful inner-world.

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Buddyman™ Kick (by Kick the Buddy)


How to play Buddyman™ Kick (by Kick the Buddy)

In this new version of Buddyman, you can earn coins simply by tapping and holding the control keys. The prime skills required the game can be learnt pretty fast and harnessed to concur every challenging mission that comes on the way. When playing you have to tap and drag the weapon as you precisely aim at the Buddyman then spray him with all the ammunitions you have. You can swipe your fingers all over the place and make sure that he is within the proximity of the riffle in order to take him down tactfully.

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During playing, for you to successfully upgrade your weapon, you will be required to have a star point, which is attained upon reaching a level ups. The reason behind upgrading your riffle is to increase the amount of coins that a weapon generates when it hits Buddyman. The strength of the weapon is vitally important for you to complete a mission that may require you to have reached a certain amount of coins.

However, if you need to quench the thirst of completely demolishing poor Buddyman, employing the use of super kick mode will ultimately deliver that and earn you incredible amounts of coins.

How to play Buddyman™ Kick (by Kick the Buddy) image

Best features of Buddyman™ Kick (by Kick the Buddy)

There are a range of different exciting features that will only leave you awe-struck with out-of-this world kind of entertainment. The startling graphics will leave you astonished with pleasure. With its range of unbelievable items you are allowed to choose your tastes and preferences. The game is made extraordinarily splendid with the ultra-cool missions which will take you to whole new kind of entertainment level. With the Heroic final kick! You are abetted to get an additional dive to stress after a hard day.

Best features of Buddyman™ Kick (by Kick the Buddy) image

Buddyman™ Kick (by Kick the Buddy)


Pros and Cons


  • Attractive missions that are entertaining
  • Marvelous graphics
  • Hilarious sound track
  • Realistic physics
  • Perfect method of stress relief


  • Crude humor

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

From all Buddyman series of games, none can beat this one, it’s simply worth killing your time for!

Buddyman™ Kick (by Kick the Buddy)

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