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Target The Dot app review: simple gameplay that is hard to master



Here's the perfect example of a game that is very simple with the rules and instructions. Even the controls are easy to understand yet this one is incredibly hard to master. The Target The Dot app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a game that will have you attempting to hit a rotating circle target all by launching a trigger. Everything about this app is clean, smooth, uncluttered, and user-friendly, making it great as that perfect go-to casual game.

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Target The Dot


Looking for a New Addiction

You can consider the Target The Dot game your new addiction because as soon as you give this one a try you’ll find yourself addicted to it. The way it works is that you need to release the trigger at the perfect time so that you hit the rotating circle target. Hitting a target can be tough enough never mind a moving target! The key to doing well in this game is that you really need to pay attention to the speed of the trigger so that you know what that right time is to release it. Be prepared to take plenty of time practicing this skill. Keep in mind you'll want to steer clear of the white areas because those will mark game over for you.

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This is a brand-new release that is free to play and requires iOS 6.0 or later. Right now the game has a perfect five star rating from players who have plenty to say about just how addictive and interesting this offering is. At this time there are no updates.

The rules of the game are simple
The rules of the game are simple

Gaming Features

The Target The Dot app does support Game Center so that means you have a chance to be extra competitive since it supports the Leaderboard. As you get better and better and your score reflects this progress you'll be able to show your friends just how well you're doing. You'll find the sound effects and graphics to be very minimal and clean here which certainly adds to the experience in a positive way. The developer has made promises to add more modes in order to increase the challenge in upcoming updates.

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The user interface is void of confusing menus and options that just get in the way. Instead you get to enjoy the game board in a clean and fun way. From the moment you launch the app you'll be able to start playing and enjoying the fun.

The app supports the Game Center and the Leaderboard
The app supports the Game Center and the Leaderboard

Target The Dot


Pros and Cons


  • The user interface is clean, modern, and sleek
  • The graphics and sound effects are professionally done
  • The app supports the Game Center and the Leaderboard
  • The game controls are easy to understand as are the rules
  • This game is highly addictive


  • At this time there is only the one game mode but there is a promise of more to come

Final Thoughts

The Target The Dot app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone may just become your new obsession thanks to the challenging gameplay, clean look, and addictive nature of the game.

Target The Dot

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