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Baby Monitor & Alarm app review: giving parents peace of mind



As a new parent you are obviously concerned about your baby and you want to be able to see and hear the babe even if you aren't in the same room. The Baby Monitor & Alarm app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone to give parents that peace of mind they need with their tiny family member. There are a number of features and tools built into the app such as the fact that you will receive an alert by calling a pre-set number any time a noise happens in your baby's room. That pre-set number doesn't have to be to an iPhone. The idea is that this app will be able to provide you with all the tools you need to monitory your baby.

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Baby Monitor & Alarm


A Full Feature Monitoring Option

When it comes to monitors it seems like the more features the better as far as most parents are concerned, which is exactly why the Baby Monitor & Alarm app may just be what you're looking for. Parents love that any time noise occurs in your baby’s room they’ll receive an alert in the form of a phone call to a pre-set number. What’s great is that you don’t even have to be home; you may be at work, out at a function, running errands, out in the backyard, and you’ll still be aware of everything happening at home with your little one.

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The app requires iOS 8.0 or later to use and currently has four out of five stars from users. In its recent update the app got an all-new look, it now restarts itself automatically after the first alert call, and it has been optimized to accommodate larger screens. Parents have posted a number of positive comments so it seems this one is answering many of their wants in needs where monitoring is concerned.

Make use of this full feature monitoring tool
Make use of this full feature monitoring tool

Built-in Features

It's important to take a look at the many features in the Baby Monitor & Alarm app which help to make it such a great offering for parents. The app is able to play music from your iPod library such as a lullaby or even a recording mom or dad has made of their own voice. This can be set to automatically play if the baby starts to cry or wakes up. If you want you can also choose to have audio played as your baby goes to sleep to help lull them to sleep. Once the music stops the monitoring automatically begins.

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In night mode the LCD will either show a cute little animal or begin darker, there is an activity log, and plenty of customization settings.

Parents can review the activity log
Parents can review the activity log

Baby Monitor & Alarm


Pros and Cons


  • The app is highly customizable
  • You will receive a phone call as an alert when your baby starts making noise
  • Play audio from your device to lull baby to sleep, if they start crying, or if they wake up
  • There is a night mode for the display
  • The app is very simple to use


  • This one is only available for iOS 8.0 users

Customizable settings
Customizable settings

Final Thoughts

Parents who are on the search for that perfect baby monitor may want to check out the Baby Monitor & Alarm app for their iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone with its nice array of customization settings and tools.


Baby Monitor & Alarm

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