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LimitList app review: you become the DJ extraordinaire



Whether you are a professional DJ or you just like to dabble in it from time to time this app could be just the tool you’re looking for at your next gig. The LimitList app for your iPad acts not just as an interactive music player but also puts the power of photography in your hand with a result that is as pleasing to the ears as it is to the eyes. This app is a beautiful combination of a photo booth, jukebox, and DJ tool in one offering that is user-friendly and fully customizable. Expect professional results and to deliver a fabulous time to party-goers thanks to this app.

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LimitList: Music Player for Events


A Multi-Sensory Experience

The LimitList app is in fact a multi-sensory experience for users as it gives them the ability to act as a photographer and a DJ all in one. The app is ideal for events and allows the guests and party-goers to be in charge of what's playing through a voting system. If you happen to be a professional DJ this is perfect for the next wedding, bachelor party, anniversary party, or any other event you are working at. Guests will be able to vote for the next song by picking their choice on the iPad. The cool part is that the app will take their picture as they vote and that picture is then added to the slideshow that the app will be able to show the entire event long. Guests will also be able to view the dynamic voting screen.

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The app requires iOS 8.1 or later to use and has just been updated with a bug fix. There is no customer rating as of yet nor are there customer comments.

Guests choose the songs they want to hear
Guests choose the songs they want to hear

Let the Good Times Begin

The LimitList app is basically the party-starter at the next gig you are hosting, it's impossible not to get into the spirit of things when guests are the ones who are in control of the music and even the visuals they're seeing. Some of the features include being able to import your own playlist to access or you can create one from the music you have on your device. You won't need an Internet connection to use this app making it very convenient, and photos taken of the guests can always be retaken if they want. The app will fade as it moves from song to song so it sounds professional and you've got the ability to categorize the music so you stick to a certain type based on the event.

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The app puts together a slideshow as people vote
The app puts together a slideshow as people vote

LimitList: Music Player for Events


Pros and Cons


  • You’ll be able to enjoy professional results with this app
  • Create or import playlists
  • Guests will vote on what they want to hear next and what they don’t want to hear at all
  • As they vote a photo will be taken of them
  • Photos are played in the form of a slideshow throughout the event


  • There had been a bug with the app, which has been fixed and it is working smooth once again

Final Thoughts

The LimitList app for your iPad is one that is really unique and will have you looking like the star DJ at the next event.

LimitList: Music Player for Events

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