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Love Vibe app review: an algorithm based app to help you find your love



Love Vibe is an iPhone and iPad app that will gauge your compatibility with an individual you are interested in. No more blind dates, lunch dates set up by friends, or filling out endless online forms; you’ll be all set with the app and its endless predictions.

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Love Vibe


How's it Work?

Love Vibe is the first in the Vibe series that will help you to find your soul mate. It works by using a proprietary formula, a unique combination of studies of western astrology and eastern zodiac. The app has a quote on the description from Albert Einstein that says “Astrology is a science and it contains the knowledge that enlightens. It taught me a lot and I owe it a lot.” The developers used this as inspiration to create the powerful and unique formula. You’ll be amazed at your results!

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When you open the app, enter your birthdate and gender. There’s then a short disclaimer, and then you’re all set. My love temp was 18°, and my quote of the hour was from Coleman Young. I can also see my solar astrology sign, lunar astrology sign, Chinese Zodiac sign, one of the five Eastern elements, and my birthstone. For the current reading, I have Gemini in the sun, Libra in the moon, I am a dog, water, and my birthstone is set as Jasper, although it is traditionally alexandrite or pearl.

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Love Vibe has clickable items at the bottom of the page. When I clicked on the Jasper, I pulled up an information sheet detailing that Jasper is the stone of the Gemini. It gives lots of properties such as the chemical formula being SiO2 and hardness of 7.0. It then goes into Old Testament Tribe of the Tribe of Benjamin, and High Priest Breast Plate being the 12th. As there are apostles in the New Testament, Peter was assigned, and finally it lists New Jerusalem Foundation of 1st. Clearly the algorithm is very detailed, but I have no idea what any of this means!

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Thankfully, there is a meaning section as well. IT goes into how Gemini’s humanity (dirt) into divinity (precious stones) with required heat and pressure through the chambers of marriage and family. Something about humans, in the eye of anthropologists are the only species that wear jewellery, and on. It didn’t seem too specific about the apostle being a part of the story, or how the specific gem is changing the effects of the other signs. When I went back, I clicked on the match, but didn’t fill out the info because I’m not looking for a partner. An interesting tidbit is that the high school I went to as a teen had one of these quiz things done for the students, and my husband tells me I was on his list!

Love Vibe


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Fun to play with and see if there’s a match in your future


  • Can set you up for sadness should you fall in love with someone who lives very far away
  • Can create the option for people to be someone other than who they are

Love Vibe

Love Vibe is an iPhone and iPad app that sets up a profile based on your astrological profile. It also takes into account your eastern zodiac so the dog who clashes with the dragon will not be set up with that birth year and so on. It is interesting how this works, and I wish I’d been paying more attention to these when I had my own kids. It could have created a lot less strife between my children and I. Overall, the app has an interesting idea, and the algorithm is a well thought out one. I appreciate the effort, and only suggest caution and rationality.


Love Vibe

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