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Loci app review: a fun game where you solve to discover your location



Loci is an iPhone and iPad location-based awareness game. During the game, your character is dropped at pre-determined locations in single-player mode and random locations in multi-player mode using Google street view to wander until you can guess your location.

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Where in the World...

Loci is a fun game to play to find the clues as to where you have been dropped. Set out on an adventure using the arrows of Google street view to collect clues as to where you may be. Are you near an ocean? Are you near an easily identifiable landmark? Explore, look around, and figure out where you’ve been dropped.

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If you’re playing alone, then the locations will be predetermined. The game is played more like levels where the solving gets more difficult as you go on. If you choose to play multi-player, then you will be dropped at random places, because you have others to help you figure out where you are too. When you get your clues collected, just click on “Guess on Map” and drop a pin on your guess. Depending on how close your guess is to the actual location, you will be awarded more or less points. The person with the most points wins.

Alone or Together

Loci lets you play alone or with friends. As mentioned above, the multiplayer mode will drop you randomly anywhere. You can play with up to four friends, and there are many different formats to choose from too. This app will sync with Game Center to track your score, so if your friends are ready with their devices then you can invite them to play. If you’re looking to play together on one device, then unfortunately you’re out of luck.

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As the game uses Google street view, the graphics are those that are provided by Google. They’re crisp, true to life, and include all sorts of oddities such as pylons, streetlights, and the occasional bird sweeping into the camera. WATCH OUT! Just kidding, but sometimes the birds really do surprise you!



Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Easy to get started
  • Fun to play
  • Look for street signs, license plates, and landmarks to get your bearings


  • Need more than one device to play the game with your friends

Final Thoughts

Loci is an iPhone and iPad app that uses Game Center to track your progress and scores. You are dropped in a predetermined area on single player mode, or a random location on multiplayer mode and have to use the clues surrounding you to figure out where you are. Google street view allows you to use the arrows to navigate through the town to student the street names, intersections, look for landmarks, read license plates, and even if you’re lucky the birds. All of these clues will help you determine your location, and the closer you are with your pin drop, the more points you will be awarded. Overall, a great concept and fun to play, but you will need more than one device to play with friends.


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