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Fruit Land - juicy match3 adventure app review: a fun fruit game 2021



Playing games when you are idle is a nice way to boost your brain power. In lieu of watching a movie or listening to music, you can opt for playing games such as Fruit Land - juicy match3 adventure which is an ideal and fun puzzle game.

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Fruit Land's match 3 iPhone app was developed by Pacific Enterprises. This match 3 app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.

For more details about this top match 3 app for iPhone and iPad users, check out our Fruit Land - juicy match3 adventure app review below.

Fruit Land – juicy match3 adventure


How to Complete Levels Faster

During the game, a player has to learn the art of making super fruits. These are made by blending different types of fruits in a certain manner. The super fruits enable players to achieve their goals much faster.

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A splendid way to match your fruits faster is through the aid of a fruit bomb. A fruit bomb is created when a player matches fruits forming an ‘L’ or ‘T.’ Once these patterns are formed, the fruit explodes and matches all the nearby fruits instantly.

The game also lets users make color fruits. To make a color fruit, you can match five fruits in which case they will resemble wheels that have various colors on them. When you shift these fruits and align them to other types of fruits on the board, they are instantly matched on the screen.

The secret to winning this fruit-matching game is to try and use as few moves as possible. For instance, you can use the destructive power of super fruits to minimize your moves. In line with this, you can also try to form fruit bombs.

Fruit bombs are worth 1000 points exclusive of the extra bonus. Once a player forms fruit bombs, he earns himself three stars on a level. 

How to Complete Levels Faster image

Best Features of Fruit Land

Fruit Land is a fun game where players benefit from daily bonuses. Nonetheless, a player can only earn these bonuses by ensuring he plays the game on a daily basis. The daily bonus entails getting to spin a flower for free each day for a booster. In ordinary situations, a player can only get this opportunity by purchasing golden apples.

With Fruit Land puzzle game, you can play for hours and hours without ever getting bored. This is because the game is equipped with 40 different levels and each time a player completes a level, the game content is changed. Some levels need to be completed in stipulated timeframe. The more stars you collect in a level, the more points you earn and the further you get in the game.

Fruit Land gives users an opportunity to gauge their expertise. Once you start, the game is pie easy. However as you progress from one level to the next the game gets harder.

Best Features of Fruit Land image

Fruit Land – juicy match3 adventure


Pros and Cons


  • Game content keeps changing
  • The interface is user friendly thus players find it easy to navigate


  • The app is only beneficial if you comprehend its default languages

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Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a fun fruit learning app for your child, Fruit Land is the app to download. It will enable your kids to learn the fruit kingdom in a fun and easy way.

Fruit Land – juicy match3 adventure

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