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iCollect Movies Pro app review: the ultimate movie collector application



Many people watch movies as a way of passing time. However, there are those who have a real passion for watching and collecting films and keeping track of the latest movies released in the film industry. If delight in collecting films, iCollect Movies Pro app will be of much use. This is a cataloging application tailored to enable users keep track of the films in their collection. iCollect movies was developed by Runner Apps. Presently, the default language is English and it works pretty well with all iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. 

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iCollect Movies Pro


What to Expect

iCollect Movies Pro developers worked in tandem with to upgrade the app. The outcome of the joint venture was the invention of an app that allows your collection to sync with their system making it possible to trade your movies with thousands of other users.

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With most movie collection applications, the items are only available in a single format. iCollect Movies Pro stands out from the crowd in that it lets users choose an array of formats for a single item. These formats are such as Blue-Ray, DVD, and Digital Copy.

Though iCollect Movies pro has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, it acknowledges that some people may find it difficult operating it. If you are new to this app, there is a video tutorial giving detailed instructions on how to utilize the various features of the app.

Best Features of iCollect Movies Pro

The key highlight of iCollect Movies is the catalog tool. Once a user has cataloged all the movies in his collection, it becomes pie easy to find it. You can search for the movie you want by the starring actors’ names, genre of movie or format. This saves you time and energy as you don’t have to sift through your physical collection nor browse on a computer.

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iCollect movies feature-rich characteristic includes an entirely revamped Wishlist tool. This is tailored to enable users add a cover art, format or movie that they wish to view in future. Creating wish lists is not the only boon that this app lets you have. Once you have created a Wishlist, you can actually email it to allies and family for holidays and birthdays.

Besides the Wishlist tool, the app has a Real-time Sync feature that lets all your collection to be available across all your other devices through in-app purchasing.

Sometimes you decide to watch a particular film only to realize that you loaned it to someone else. If you are one who easily forgets that you have loaned out a certain movie, iCollect Movies is here to solve your problem. It has a custom entry tool that keeps track of which movies you have loaned out as well as the individuals you have loaned out to.

iCollect Movies Pro


Pros and Cons


  • Has a neat user interface
  • Automatically populates content
  • Lets users add pictures for their covers


  • There is nothing negative to say

Final Thoughts

iCollect Movies Pros is quite a solid app for the avid film collector. It enables you to store and maintain your library in an organized manner.


iCollect Movies Pro

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