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Mayan Myths app review: revisit North America’s past



There are so many apps in the App Store dedicated to gaming or utilities – it’s kind of refreshing when you come across something just a little bit different. Mayan Myths definitely falls into the category of a little bit different. If you like historical legends and understanding different cultures you’ll want to check this one out. Although there isn’t a lot made available in the free version, it will still give you a sense of what the app is about. This app is compatible with the iPad.

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Mayan Myths HD


Myths from the Past

This app would probably fall into the book category of the App Store, although it can’t be clearly defined as falling into that category either. It actually combines the written word with background music and animations, giving it an interactive feel. For those that find history and historical legends a little boring this may add just that little bit of spice to make the app worth checking out.

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I really enjoyed the section I could access, but the problem with this app was that I could only access one section in the free version! There are eight different myths included in the app, but only one of them is free – the rest require individual in-app purchases of $1.19 each. I’m not sure if I’m that interested in Mayan Myths that I want to pay that much for each myth. It might be worth $1.19 for the entire app, but charging that much for each myth section is a tough sell.

How it Works

When you open the app you’ll actually find nine sections, but the first one is simply an introduction that explains what exactly myths are. This is useful for children, which this app is really targeting so it definitely belongs. After you’re finished checking out the introduction there are eight Mayan myths to explore, but as was mentioned above you can only access one in the free version. The others require individual in-app purchases.

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You can open a myth by tapping on its icon on the main menu. To navigate through the myth you simply tap on the forward and back arrows. Each page is accompanied by background music and pictures with some basic animation. It all looks pretty good until you start to read the prose. The grammar is actually very poor which really takes away from the attraction of this app. This would definitely make me think twice before purchasing the other myths. If the free myth is poorly written I would assume the rest are too, which is a shame because this app really has a lot of potential. I think it’s a great idea for the average North American to learn about the myths and legends of the people that first populated this land. Unfortunately this app simply doesn’t do them justice.

Mayan Myths HD


Pros and Cons


  • Includes an introduction to myths
  • Some good basic pictures and animation
  • Easy to navigate


  • Most of the myths are locked in the free version
  • The prose is poorly written 

Final Words

Creating an app dedicated to exploring Mayan Myths was a really good idea, unfortunately this app simply doesn’t live up to expectations. The prose is poorly written, and there isn’t a lot made available in the free version. I’d probably give this one a pass.


Mayan Myths HD

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