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Captain Lazy Eye app review: correct your lazy eye with the assistance of this ophthalmologist approved app



Captain Lazy Eye is an iPhone and iPad is an app designed in cooperation with ophthalmologists that have experience in successful amblyopic treatment. This is the first app designed to help keep vision acuity and to assist with amblyopic, or lazy eye, correction.

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Captain Lazy Eye


Correct Your Lazy Eye

Captain Lazy Eye will help you to correct your amblyopic condition. The developers worked with ophthalmologists who had lots of experience in amblyopic conditions in order to create exercises that will assist in strengthening your eye so it can properly focus on the objects you are trying to look at. It will assist in keeping vision acuity with Rotating Grating and records the daily performed exercises and correctional results for future reference.

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Ideabus invited former Ophthalmology department director of both Ghanghua Christian Hospital and Chungshan Medical University in Taiwan, Dr. Sharon Chuang to assist in the development of this app as she has had career-spanning experience in successfully treating amblyopic children between the ages of three to eight.

Correct Your Lazy Eye image

The Golden Time

Captain Lazy Eye is encouraged for use for children between the ages of three and eight. This is referred to as the golden time where in the child may have a chance of correcting their lazy eye. After this time, the eye nerves begin to mature, and the correction becomes more and more difficult. So, if there’s a history of nearsightedness or astigmatism in the family, get your child checked as soon as possible.

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Now the app itself is a labor of love in cooperation with many doctors with experience in amblyopic disorder. The app makes the training into fun and interesting games for the child which increases the likelihood of the child doing the activities. The app records the daily performed exercises and correctional results so you can get a better picture for physicians and the parents as well. I also appreciate that it provides a great, easy to read chart for viewing results. There are six categories of training, with enriched content that kids won’t easily tire of.

The Golden Time image

Captain Lazy Eye


Pros & Cons


  • Free for a limited time
  • Includes additional color-light training, eyeball muscle exercise, hidden object recognition, color sensitivity, and hand-eye coordination


  • Full app is a bit expensive at $9.99, but it’s less than buying each add-on for $4.99

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

Captain Lazy Eye is a great app for kids to play on the iPhone or iPad while strengthening their lazy eye. Kids love to play with technology, and you can barter with them that if they do their exercises, which happen to be fun, then they can play a game, which could be another exercise in the app for all they know! I love that the developer reached out to world class ophthalmologists to create the exercises and make sure that they would be worthy of the app description, and appreciate that they have made this a fun game for kids ages three through eight to correct their lazy eye. Overall, it's well done, and worth the money for sure.

Captain Lazy Eye

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