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Pingz app review: create great video slide shows with your pictures



Pingz is a great little app that lets you transform your pictures into cool slide shows complete with your own voice over.  In today’s smart phone dominated world we’re constantly snapping pictures that may mean something at the time, but just get stored on our devices and forgotten about. This app gives you the ability to turn those snap pictures into memorable moments that will last a life time and that you can share with friends and family. This is a free app with in-app purchases and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and the iPod Touch.

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Pingz - Make Photo-Based Video Messages


Create Personal Videos

Most of us are familiar with apps like Snapchat and Instagram – they are innovative apps for sharing our favourite moments with others. These apps allow you to quickly share your photo memories while having a little fun in the process – Pingz definitely fits into the same category as apps like these but with a bit of a twist. Pingz allows you to create a little slide show movie with three or more pictures with your own commentary explaining what’s going on in the picture series.

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As far as free video editing apps goe, this one is a decent option. The free version of the app allows you to create 60 second videos using a maximum of three pictures. You can purchase the ability to extend your videos to 90 seconds for $0.99 and you can also increase the maximum number of pictures to nine with another in-app purchase of $0.99.  If you love the idea of sharing your personal memories in the form of your own little movies this isn’t too steep a price to pay. The app itself will require 18.9 MB of free space on your IOS device. 

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How it Works

When you first boot up the app you’ll be given a quick walk through of how the app works – you can skip this if you like but it’s probably a good idea to check it out the first time you’re using Pingz. Using the app is actually pretty straight forward. You can either access your camera to take new pictures for your mini movie, or you can select existing pictures from your devices photo albums. After you’ve decided which way you want to go simply tap on the pictures you want to include, then tap on done and you can get started.

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You’ll notice a little red record button you simply tap on this button to start recording your movie. Once the recording starts you can add commentary to each picture to explain what’s going on, you can also zoom into a section of the picture that you want to emphasize, and you can add a pointer as well to really focus on one little area of the picture. Once you’re done with each picture in your slide show all you have to swipe right to left to move on to the next one. Once you’re finished you can preview the finished product and when you’re satisfied you can save it to your device, email it to a friend or family member, text it, or you can share it over social media – the device allows you to post your video on YouTube or share it on Facebook as well. The great thing about Pingz is that everything works as it’s supposed to. It’s smooth and it’s fun – best of all there are no ads! 

How it Works image

Pingz - Make Photo-Based Video Messages


Pros and Cons


  • Simple to use with great video instructions
  •  Fun way to create new video memories with your pictures
  • Lots of social media sharing options
  • Glitch free and no ads


  • Limited to 60 second videos and three pictures with the free version

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

There are a lot of app choices in the App Store for those of us that want to create great memories with our pictures and share them over social media. Pingz is definitely one of the better ones. This app lets you create great picture slide shows with voice over explanations and it lets you easily share your creations with friends and family. It might not be one of the very best free video editing apps out there, but it’s definitely worth checking out.

Pingz - Make Photo-Based Video Messages

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