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The Love Book app review: timeless poems, letters, quotes and short stories



Love makes the world go 'round, and The Love book app is a collection of timeless letters, quotes, short stories and poems expressing one of the strongest emotions on earth. Developed by iLiterature Ltd, the app brings together both modern and ancient texts from Shakespeare to Sharon Olds, Carol Ann Duffy to Bobby Dylan. It also offers lamentations for loss, wedding messages, and sonnets for wooing. It is also packed with love messages from Hollywood favorites such as Emma Watson, Tom Hiddleston, and Helena Carter. The app allows you to zero in one any one author and get their love quotes. You can also search a particular line in a quote or poem and get the entire text.  The app is compatible with both the iPhone and iPad. 

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The Love Book


The Love Book App Unveiled

Everyone has a love hero who they believe epitomizes the essence of love. The Love Book app features many of these authors of love and readers get a chance to view some of their greatest works on love. Whether tragic or funny, platonic or passionate, blossoming or thwarted, this love books takes the readers on a journey of love as expressed by the author. The Love app provides many listening and reading hours on some of the lovely poems. The app also provides a great way to unwind, and if you ever stop believing in love you can read some of the love quotes to help restore your faith in love. 

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Best Features

One of the greatest features of the app is the huge volume and variety of poems, letters, short stories and quotes. There is platonic love, unrequited love, erotic love, comic love, true love, mourned love, or whatever other form of love you believe in. All this is explored in prose, poetry and beautiful lyrics from some of the greatest writers. The visuals on this app are also very captivating and intriguing; the words in the texts come alive. It also has texts from less known authors and many readers get to meet these people by reading some of their finest works. The app also comes with a feature that allows you to record your own poem or love story. 

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The Love Book


Pros and Cons


  • An interactive technology packed with short stories, poems, letters and love quotes
  • A chance to meet some of the great authors through their poems and love quotes
  • Volumes upon volumes of love messages
  • The app allows you to record your own love poems or versions
  • You can also share them across various networks
  • Ease of access through an easy to use interface


  • You can never have enough of love; the developer should add more love quotes and stories

Final Words

The Love App accents the beauty of some of the most beautiful writings on love. The app resonates with readers as they get a chance to listen and read the love messages from their favorite authors. Love is a timeless emotion and the good thing is that you can listen to some of these poems over and over again.


The Love Book

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