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Once Upon a Potty: Girl app review: an interesting educational app



In an ideal world, you and your child would embark on the magical journey of potty training with equal parts of ambition and enthusiasm. Unfortunately, this rarely happens as most toddlers find the process difficult, confusing, strenuous, and sometimes pointless. This is where toddler-training apps such as Once Upon a Potty: Girl comes in handy. The app is tailored to help parents reinforce the basic concepts of potty training for young kids. This incredible toddler app was developed by Oceanhouse Media. The default language is English and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. 

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Once Upon a Potty: Girl


Potty Training Made Easy

For hundreds of years, Alona Frankel's toilet training techniques have been of significant help to parents and guardians who have small toddlers. It has made it easy for parents to enable their kids to make a leap from the diaper stage to making use of potties. Narrated by her mother’s voice, Prudence is taught about the different body parts as well as their functions. She also learns what a potty should or should not be used for. This caring and hilarious Girl edition persuades children to learn through play. “Once Upon a Potty: Girl” app is one that empowers parents and guardians of all ages. The tale narrated is relatable to toddlers as it shows that potty training does not happen magically with the first attempt. 

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Best Features of Once Upon a Potty: Girl

One of the best features that this app comes packaged with is the Picture/Word association tool. Basically, when a child taps on a particular object, the name of the object is spoken aloud. This way, the app also serves as a fun tool to enhance your toddlers’ vocabulary.

The app provides a user three ways of reading the book. One is ‘Read to Me’ feature where a user listens to the story as it is narrated. To boost learning, each word gets highlighted as it is professionally read so that toddlers familiarize themselves with the spellings of various words. The second option is ‘Read it Myself’ in which case a user has to read the book in its traditional outline. The ‘Auto Play’ allows users to play the edition like a movie as it automatically reads and turns pages. This makes it perfect for younger children as it keeps them engrossed watching the animated pages and listening to the sounds.

Most if not all of toddler apps are usually coupled with musical tunes to enhance memory of the content. This app has not been left behind as it has two new music modes: The Potty Song and Sing-Along. Young children and caregivers can sing the jazzy tune on their own or follow the recorded artists.

The app is designed in such a way that you can record your own voice if you wish to. In addition, you can also tap on a specific paragraph which you would like to be narrated a second time. 

Once Upon a Potty: Girl


Pros and Cons


  • Effective tool for boosting toddlers’ vocabulary
  • Has vibrant authentic artwork
  • Makes use of fun sound effects


  • There is nothing negative to say

Final Thoughts

Potty training is an imperative and essential stage for young children. Once Upon a Potty: Girl makes it easy to train your kids on how to use a potty.

Once Upon a Potty: Girl

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