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Peek-a-zoo app review: bringing the zoo right to your doorstep



If you have a toddler, you must appreciate that kids have a very short concentration span. This means that you need to keep them entertained otherwise they will cause havoc at home. You may not always have the luxury of time to take your kids to the zoo; however, with the peek-a-zoo app developed by Duck Duck, Moose, you can bring the zoo at home.  Peek-a-zoo is an award-winning app that gives kids an interactive experience with their favorite animals. Children learn about emotions, sounds, and actions of different animals. Children also get to identify animals in the app that are eating, wagging their tail, sleeping, or wearing sunglasses. 

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Peek-a-Zoo - by Duck Duck Moose


A Look Into the App

Peek-a-zoo is an activity packed game that is bound to keep your kids engaged. Some of the animal names they are required to identify include, cat, alligator, chicken, lion, hippo, mouse, pig, seal, zebra, walrus, panda, and penguin, among others. Some of the emotions incorporated in the game are crying, smiling, and a surprised look. Some of the actions include yawning, winking, and waving. Children are also asked to identify various positions such as upside down and backwards. As they play the game, they are able to hear funny sounds in the background. The app also comes with lively jazz versions and some of the popular kids’ songs with drums, cello, and the guitar. The game can be introduced to kids at the age of 2 years, so that by the time they join pre-school they are able to identify most of the animals and emotional cues. 

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Best Features

The best features about this app, is that kids get to learn as they have fun. It can also be used in a class setting. Young kids or students are asked to recognize various social cues, recall animal names, identify emotions and learn the positions. They are also able to study various action words after studying the facial expressions of various animals. As various animals are displayed on the screen, kids are asked to answer various questions such as “who is yawning?” Kids are also able to expand their vocabulary by learning action words and emotions. The questions on the app are spoken and read out which can greatly assist emerging readers. The app can be used in a  classroom with an iPad screen that can be projected to a monitor or TV. 

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Peek-a-Zoo - by Duck Duck Moose


Pros and Cons


  • Entertaining and engaging
  • Action packed
  • Lots of animals in the app
  • Great learning tool because the texts are spoken and written
  • Fun because of the lively sessions and great music
  • Interactive
  • Can be used in various settings such as home and class


  • Feedback on the app is limited, and it is best used with the supervision of an adult
  • The developer should add zoo visitors to make the game more engaging

Final Thoughts

Peek-a-zoo is a great app where your kids learn as they have fun. The app keeps them engaged as they peek into the zoo world.

Peek-a-Zoo - by Duck Duck Moose

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