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Bible Reina Valera app review: a digital bible with add-on features for easy reading 2021



Bible Reina Valera is a full-featured Bible app in Spanish. The updated version of this iPhone bible app supports more than 70 Bible translations.

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It offers several useful features including note taking, bookmarking, reading guide, and many more. Developed by MrRocco Team, the app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

For more details on the features and functions of this good bible app for iPhone and iPad, keep reading our Bible Reina Valera app review.

Bible Reina Valera


A Digital Bible You Can Bring Anywhere

Bible Reina Valera is a Spanish language Bible app with extra features for easy reading. Like most Bible apps, Reina Valera gives you access to different bible translations.

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You can download these translations through in-app purchase. In this case, several English language versions are available including the King James Version, American Standard, and Basic English Bible.

When you install this app, the complete bible will be downloaded to your device. This means that the app will work even without internet connection. You can bring this Bible anywhere and you can read selected passages anytime you want.

This Bible is easy to use. It has a simple home screen where you can access the different sections of the app. The main navigation bar is located at the bottom of the screen. You can tap the book icon to read the Bible. It also has a search tool which you can use to find specific chapters, verses, and passages.

The most useful feature of Bible Reina Valera is the built-in note taking tool. This tool is integrated with colored markers or highlighters. You can use these tools for annotations and for writing your reflections. Your notes are saved in the app and can be easily accessed from the main menu bar.

A Digital Bible You Can Bring Anywhere image

Features of Bible Reina Valera

Bible Reina Valera offers a complete version of the bible in Spanish. The app allows you to read the Bible offline. If you need the English version of this bible, then you can download a translation from the app’s Version section. It also offers 70 other translations and they are available through in-app purchase.

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This app offers a devotional prayer guide and a bible reading plan. You can use the devotional section for your daily prayers. This section offers selected inspirational passages.

The Bible reading plan is a straightforward scheduler tool. This tool allows you to set daily or hourly schedules for bible reading. If you are not sure how to create a Bible reading plan, then the app offers automated one-tap scheduling system. Simply load a new plan and the app will set daily schedules for you.

This app offers several social sharing options. You can select specific verses or passages in the Bible and share them to your friends via Facebook, Twitter, and Email. 

Features of Bible Reina Valera image

Bible Reina Valera


Pros and Cons


  • Offers complete offline version of the Spanish bible
  • Supports 70 bible translations
  • A smart scheduler system for Bible reading
  • Offers bookmarking option
  • Note taking, highlighter, and copy/paste options
  • Supports social network sharing
  • Supports HD display for iPad


  • Intrusive ads

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Bible Reina Valera is a simple Bible app. You can bring it anywhere even in places without network coverage. This app offers several useful features including a Bible reading planner, daily devotionals, and note-taking.

Bible Reina Valera

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