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Stick Journey app review: a fun visual estimation game



Stick Journey is an iPhone and iPad game that is based on a hero’s journey once he leaves home. Face dangers, go on adventures, and see something new and unknown.

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Stick Journey


Take Your Stick and Off You Go

Stick Journey is a game that requires you to take your stick to get from point A to point B. Use is as a swing; use it as a bridge to cross from place to place. Be careful though, because if you don’t make it long enough, you’ll fall into the abyss. Clearly that’s not what you want to do.

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My girls found this app and wanted to give it a try. It’s March Break, so they’re all home and playing on my devices. It’s pretty tricky for them because you have to get the exact length of the pole to cross the chasm. If you’re too short, then you’ll fall; if you’re too long then you’ll fall too! There are wider platforms to walk to so they’re easier, but some are really really narrow which makes it more difficult.

Fun and Addictive

I’m not a big gamer, but I found myself playing Stick Journey for a good long time. It links to your Game Center account for easy tracking and easy sharing, and it was fun to play with my girls. They enjoyed watching me create the stick and then falling into the chasm. I don’t know, they thought it was hilarious. For me, I found that I just wanted to go further!

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There are several worlds of a jungle, snowy place, and tropical place. Each environment behaves the same way, but it’s nice to see the different backgrounds. I also liked the sound effects. They’re not high tech, but the cute puppy bark when you lay down the stick and then the smoosh into the ground when you hit is rewarding. You also either get a positive ping for crossing successfully or a whoosh if you don’t make it.

Stick Journey


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Visual estimation skills are practiced
  • Tap and hold to stretch the stick


  • Can be tricky if your estimation skills are rusty

Final Thoughts

Stick Journey is an iPhone and iPad game that can be played by anyone. My toddler liked to try to play even though it was pure luck if she got the stick the right length. My six-year-old was a bit better at it, and I had quite a bit of fun myself. The easy to use hold and release control was refreshing, but on occasion I would let go before I was ready to launch my stick. This wasn’t enough for me to get frustrated, but it may become so to others. Overall, this is a well-designed game that was a lot of fun to play. I’ll be suggesting it to my friends.


Stick Journey

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