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Camera To PDF app review: use your camera to make PDFs



There have been a lot of super popular apps, but none of them has been able to redefine the true meaning of innovation better than the Camera To PDF app. You can use this app to quickly and conveniently convert photos to PDFs by using your camera as a scanner to create PDFs and email them or save them to Dropbox. This makes it easy for you to scan receipts, contracts, paperwork without the hassle and bustle of finding and operating the old fashioned scanner machine. This intriguing app was developed under the brilliant mind of Fedesoft to assist you use your smart device to convert photos taken into PDFs. This amazing app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.

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Camera To PDF Free


How it Works

This is the best ever PDF creator you could ever find in the App Store, with an unlimited cloud storage completely free with no disturbances from ads. You can now experience exceptional conversion of a variety of photos into PDFs for personal or official use. You can now have all your documents with you at all time or synchronized on a secure server at your convenience thanks to this awesome app. Camera to PDF assists you to quickly scan and synchronize your documents in a secure environment. This app could be used to make authentic documents that can be used in a number of institutions such as the bank, producing business invoices, contracts, whiteboards, meeting notes, identity documents, and articles. You can capture your documents with your device camera, convert them into PDF files and share them whenever you want or synchronize them on your camera to PDF file folders.

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Best Features

This app allows you to scan your document using your devices camera or pick them from your albums as well as select multiple pictures at a time. The app optimizes your document by its amazing tools like crop, rotate, and change the colors of your page before adding it to your document. Thanks to this app, you can now create your own categories of PDF files in order to assist you to quickly find your saved documents. The intriguing app has a share option that allows you to share your documents wherever you want, either via email, Dropbox, Google Drive, skype, Evernote, Bluetooth, and social media platforms. You can also protect the documents in your device by setting a pin code to prevent anyone else other than you to open the app.

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Camera To PDF Free


Pros and Cons


  • Convenient at any time
  • Scans your documents to PDF
  • Can be optimized
  • Documents converted can be shared
  • Has access pin that secures your documents
  • Can be synchronized


  • Sometimes, this app may lose its authentic quality such that when you rotate, the PDFs are no longer readable

Final Remarks

This app is easy to use and gets your job well-done.With its out-of-this-world kind of exciting features, you can have all documents converted into PDFs at your fingertips.


Camera To PDF Free

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