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Got Cow? app review: a physics based game including gravitational pull and more



Got Cow? is an iPhone and iPad game in which you must launch the rockets to blast the enemy and stop them from abducting the alien invaders. Use the planet’s gravitational pull to direct the rockets and find the angle you need to navigate around the objects obstructing your blast.

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Got Cow?


Launch Away

Got Cow? is a fun game for all ages. Pull your finger down to launch the rocket in the direction you need and off it goes. It can be tricky to get the right angle and to hit the gravitational pull at the right point to reach your target, but that’s all a part of the fun. I sat down with my six-year-old with this game and we practiced some shots for a few minutes. She wanted to play on her own then, so she took it off to launch the rockets on her own.

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That being said, we had a discussion about angles, gravitational fields, and the solar system all wrapped into one. It was a great instigation to a teachable moment, and my daughter was receptive because it was relevant to what she was trying to accomplish. “See this circle? That’s the gravitational field, and if you launch the rocket into it, then you can hit the alien invader.” If, however, you miss the field, then your rocket will just keep going off into space. This is also true to science, so it was fun watching her experiment with angles and just launching the rocket into the starry abyss.

Many Levels

Got Cow? has 60 challenging levels. I have no idea what level we got to, but it was fun to play. As you get higher, more obstacles are introduced that alter space play. For example black holes, asteroids, and wormholes start to also affect how your rocket goes through space. Not only are you interacting with the gravitational field of the planets now, but if you stray too close to the black hole then you’re done for!

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As with many games, the score is kept in your personal record on Game Center. I appreciate this, as it means that you can check how your friends are doing too. It also means that you can recommend games to friends. They see what you’re playing and can give it a try too. It’s a clever advertising technique.

Got Cow?


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Physics based game that utilizes gravity
  • Black holes, asteroids, and wormholes as you go on in levels
  • Syncs with Game Center
  • Educational


  • A bit finicky in that you have to get the angle perfect sometimes to hit your target

Final Thoughts

Got Cow? is a great iPhone and iPad app to teach kids about gravitational pull, angles, and even how black holes, asteroids, and wormholes can alter the way that your rocket will fly. It has 60 levels to achieve, and is a great tool to use in education as well as to play for fun. Well done.


Got Cow?

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