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mTube app review: an intriguing app for downloading videos



People download videos from an array of websites for varied reasons. For some, they want to watch a trailer of the latest movie; others want to download tutorials for a course they are learning online, among others. mTube: Free Video HD, iDownloader & Video Streaming for TED Talk is an application that makes the whole process of downloading videos easy. It was developed by David Szalay. The default language is English and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.

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mTube: Free Video HD, iDownloader & Video Streaming for TED Talk


What to Expect

mTube application offers users a vast range of video operations. For starters, the app is packaged with a video player tool that redefines video downloading process. It lets users create video playlists, supports all types of video formats as well as offering both landscape and portrait options of playing videos.

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In addition, the app has free video HD that provides users with more detailed, realistic and impactful images. This is essential, particularly for users who want to download tutorial clips.

When a Web user wants to view a certain clip, he may not always have an intention of downloading the file for purposes of saving it into his device. mTube recognizes this and lets users stream their videos. This way the content of the video is sent in a continuous stream of data and is played as it arrives. 

Best Features

mTube uses a video player to manage all of its downloads. This video player has an array of benefits. First off, it lets users create video playlists that is ideal for storing your videos in a neat and organized manner. Users can come up with as many playlists as they want. Some of the playlists they can generate are favorites; for their favorite videos, recently added; for the videos they downloaded in recent times among others.

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The video player is also a top-notch tool as it allows users to play their videos in any video format without having to convert them. It doesn’t matter if your video clip is in AVI format, FLV format or the MPEG-4 video format which utilizes distinct compression for audio and video tracks. mTube’s video player has it all covered.

mTube has an incredible file manager tool. The file manager has incorporated video thumbnails. Put in simple terms, video thumbnails are minute snapshot images taken from the video clip itself. They help to give an overall idea of what the entire video is about.

The file manager also lets users to transfer the videos they download to Camera Roll.

mTube: Free Video HD, iDownloader & Video Streaming for TED Talk


Pros and Cons


  • Download manager is ultra-fast
  • Lets users make up to 10 simultaneous downloads
  • Supports resume of interrupted downloads
  • Let users lock video by creating a password


  • Only users who understand English can benefit from the application

Final Thoughts

If you have a tendency to download videos every so often, mTube: Free Video HD, iDownloader & Video Streaming for TED Talk is an amazing application to use.

mTube: Free Video HD, iDownloader & Video Streaming for TED Talk

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