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Pokedex Pro HD Edition app review: complete Pokemon stats



This awesome app has some of the most complete Pokemon stats you can ever find with amazing features. Pokedex Pro HD Edition app comes with certain extra features such as moves and abilities. This app was developed by CXI Gaming to assist you make clear descriptions. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.

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Pokedex Pro HD Edition


How to Use

Pokedex Pro HD Edition app is complete with Pokemon stats that are currently not available in any other app stores in the market and it assists you to make clear reports of moves and abilities. The app includes all up-to-date Pokemon descriptions which are not limited to this current one but also more exciting mockups. There are some special moves that can be learnt in this intriguing app that will leave you startled. By the use of mobility’s such as level-up Pre-evolution moves, Egg Moves, Move Tutor moves, and Moves HM Moves can be learnt by TM Sprites. However, you can still find each Pokemon stats and many more exciting features. If you can play Pokemon, then you must have this app. No Internet connection is required to use this app.

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Best Features

This amazing app comes with an extraordinary tech table that allows you get work done without leaving the comfort of your seat without unnecessary delays. The app's awesome type defense feature ensures that all your errands are kept in check. You can use Pokedex Pro HD Edition for your evolution charts that comes with images for you to see while working with the app. With its exceptional pre-evolution moves, your gaming app experience has never been easier. There are a variety of moves that assist you navigate your way. There are also intriguing features such as sprites, pokeathlon stats and a find option for each Pokemon. 

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Pokedex Pro HD Edition


Pros and Cons


  • Has a tech table
  • Comes with stats
  • The app is easy to use
  • Has a variety of moves
  • Comes with an amazing spite
  • Has wonderful Pokedex descriptions


  • The app doesn't appear to have any information that may lead to mega evolutions

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Final Thoughts

If you enjoy playing Pokemon then you are obliged to have this app on your smart device. The app doesn’t require you to have any Internet connection for it to operate.

Pokedex Pro HD Edition

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