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Ruri app review: presentations that stand out



Do you need to put together a presentation that looks professional and sleek and really stands out and you're unsure of where to begin? The Ruri app can be used on your iPad as a simple way to create presentations that will capture your audience and yet are very little effort on your part. There’s no reason you should have to spend hours working on one presentation when thanks to this app you could put it together in half the time. This one is being offered for free for a limited time only so you'll want to act fast on this one.

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Ruri : Create beautiful presentations quickly


Get Your Presentations Noticed

There's an easy way to get your presentations noticed and that's by putting them together with the Ruri app. This app not only helps you create stunning looking presentations but it makes it possible in a fraction of the time you're used to spending on them. Because it's an app you can even create these presentations on the go allowing you to be productive no matter where you are. The way this app works is that you enter in your thoughts, ideas, and information and then the app magically transforms it into the perfect looking presentation.

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This app requires iOS 8.0 or later to use and is being offered for free for a limited time only. In its recent update some small bug fixes were made. The app enjoys an impressive four out of five stars from users who call it great, helpful, user-friendly, and a big time saver. Keep in mind because this app has been made specifically for the iPad it performs beautifully on the device taking advantage of gesture controls and touch functionality.

Make use of the templates the app offers
Make use of the templates the app offers

Features and Tools

The Ruri app isn't just about creating presentations you can use at work the app can make a presentation out of anything making it helpful for personal projects as well. It's for anyone that wants to present professional looking slides to an audience but isn't comfortable with or know how to create them. The app comes loaded with a number of different templates that take care of how things look so you can focus on the information in the slides instead. Go ahead and add in images and text and really make the presentation whatever you want it to be. This one offers quite a bit of versatility and flexibility yet keeps things simple enough that the creation of the presentation never becomes a chore.

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Add text, images, and graphics
Add text, images, and graphics

Ruri : Create beautiful presentations quickly


Pros and Cons


  • The app takes all the confusion out of creating a presentation
  • The app comes with a number of templates to make use of
  • Putting together a presentation is extremely fast
  • Add text and images to your presentation


  • This app is only available for the iPad

Prepare professional-looking reports
Prepare professional-looking reports

Final Thoughts

The Ruri app for your iPad will change how you go about putting together presentations. Customers will appreciate just how easy the creative process is thanks to the simple tools and features included in the app.


Ruri : Create beautiful presentations quickly

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