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Speak Chinese! app review: learn on your own time



Before you go signing up for an expensive class or picking up rather pricey textbooks and reference books you may want to check out this next app if you are trying to learn Chinese. The Speak Chinese app can be used on your iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone and provides users with a simple and quick way to learn the top 100 spoken Chinese phrases. The app is really meant for those who need just the basics of the language for personal or business use and don’t have all kinds of free time to invest in learning it.

The best iPad apps for learning Chinese

Speak Chinese!


A Quick and Simple Solution

The Speak Chinese! app is meant to offer users a quick and simple solution to learning the language. This isn't a complete language course rather this app teaches customers the top 100 most important Chinese phrases that are spoken. You may even know some Chinese and just need to fill in a few gaps to give you more of an understanding when talking with clients or perhaps while visiting China. Chinese is becoming more and more of an important and key language for people all around the world to have at least some basic understanding of as Mandarin just so happens to be the most widely spoken language there is (population-wise).

The best iPhone apps for learning Chinese

This is an older app that hasn't been updated in four and a half years. Its last update included a new category, written Chinese for transliteration, and a new design. All of these updates feel a bit out of touch now. The app itself could use a pretty major overhaul and new content if it hopes to stay competitive. It has 3.5 out of five stars from users which seems quite generous. As customers point out it's a decent app it's just that it lacks in content, features, and tools.

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Its Own Approach

When the Speak Chinese! app was developed it was meant to be unique and rather than bog users down with all kinds of translations they really won't need it instead features only the most important ones. That concept still holds up today it's just that it could be delivered in a more dynamic and engaging way. The content has been divided into six different categories and users will be able to listen to the audio recordings spoken by native Chinese speakers. There are basic and advanced categories so users can actually work their way up gradually.

The best iPhone apps for learning Chinese

Its Own Approach image

Speak Chinese!


Pros and Cons


  • The app is simple to use
  • Only the most common Chinese phrases are provided
  • The content is divided into six categories
  • The categories vary in difficulty level so you can work your way up
  • The phrases are spoken by a Chinese native speaker


  • The app comes across as dated and not very engaging

Final Thoughts

The Speak Chinese! app for your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad offers users the perfect opportunity to pick up on only the key phrases through an app that is easy and quick to navigate.

Speak Chinese!

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