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DateCheck app review: check out potential dates



DateCheck - Check your mate before you date is an iPhone and iPad game that lets you do a quick background check on the person you are supposed to be meeting for coffee. If you’re an online dater using apps and answering personals then this can save you time, money, but most importantly, pain.

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DateCheck - Check your mate before you date


Background Check on the Run

DateCheck will allow you to do a background check on whomever you are meeting right from the table while you wait. Hopefully you’ve had the forethought to do this research and checking in beforehand, but if you’re a last minute worrier and want to make sure you know who you’re meeting, or really want to have a few things to talk about, then this can be a very useful app.

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Before Cupid strikes his arrow as it were, you need to make sure that your new found friend isn’t a red-faced liar. Maybe they’re insisting that they work for a Greenpeace organization and love to hike but when you look through their background check you find photos of them hunting the very thing they say they protect. Uh, no thank you. There, you’ve saved yourself the time of dating the wrong person.

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A Must Have While Dating

If you’re currently dating, or headed back out to the dating market, then DateCheck will be a great personal assistant. It’ll help you set up a basic profile for free, but you can purchase the background check information for only $5.99. If you’re a frequent flyer at the new date table, you might want to get the $14.99 per month option with unlimited background checks. I don’t know how you would meet that many people in a month, or frankly have the time, but then I’m not a socialite! I’m a mom who has to get the kids to their activities and so on.

The app will help you keep your privacy, while revealing key characteristics such as where your date went to school, if they’re actually married, and where they work. It will also let you know how much they’re lying about their age. You can view the summary before choosing to unlock for the $5.99 per date, or like I said if you’re a frequent dater, then that’ll really add up so the $14.99 might be better for you.

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DateCheck - Check your mate before you date


Pros & Cons


  • Free to start
  • Option to unlock for more information
  • $5.99 per unlock if you’re a less frequent dater
  • $14.99 per month for unlimited unlocks if you have a lot of new suitors to meet
  • Will give a general background check of education, marriage status, age, and more


  • Can get expensive quickly if you don’t go for the $14.99 monthly fee, which is in itself expensive

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Final Thoughts

DateCheck - Check your mate before you date is an iPhone and iPad app that will help you discern if you really want to date a person. When I was dating, there wasn’t even Facebook to check out your suitors, you had to trust them on faith. I still think that there’s a lot of value in that, but if you’ve been hurt a lot in the past, then this app will help you to weed out the snakes from the frogs. It's techinically not an iPad and iPhone dating app, but it still can help you in the dating scene.

DateCheck - Check your mate before you date

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