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Beer Buddy app review: get real reviews of various beer brands in the market



Beer is one of the most celebrated drinks in the world as evident from the huge number of people that enjoy drinking it on a daily or weekly basis. To get the best experience, you need to indulge in the finest beers in the world. Beer Buddy app, is a drinking buddy app developed by S2 IT Consulting LLC.

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This beer buddy for iPhone app can help you make informed decisions the next time you go out. Check out our review on this drinking buddy for iPhone app to learn more about how it can help you on your nights out.

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Get Real Reviews of Thousands of Beer Brands

Beer Buddy is a smart app that is unequal to no other in the market. The many positive reviews that it has amassed online are clear proof that it delivers on its promises. The database currently has over 300,000 beers and millions of real user reviews that you can scroll through before placing your order at the local bar.

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In addition, you will get a chance to not only taste but also rate beers from every brewery in the world. This information is later compiled and updated on the main database to help other users to know what to expect every time they shop for a particular beer.

One of the major features is the Barcode Scanning. It is tailored to allow you to scan barcodes on beer bottles, cans, and even cases using your device’s camera. This will help you get background information regarding the beer brand such as history, user reviews, and name of the brewery as well as other user reviews.

If the name does not pop up automatically from the database, just go ahead and type the name on the search bar to save time that you would have spent scrolling the enormous database.

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Best Features of Beer Buddy

Beer Finder is another smart feature that places this app miles ahead of any form of competition. As the name suggests, it is programmed to help you look for a particular beer by typing its name on the auto complete search bar. For instance, you can search for top-rated brands based on country or best seasonal beers when going for a vacation.

When traveling to a foreign country, it is difficult to get information on location of various restaurants. No need to worry; if you already have this app is it can search for bars close to your location using advanced GPS technology. You can also search for a specific spot by just typing its address or name on the dynamic search tab.

If you love a certain beer, go ahead and add it to your favorite list. There is no limit on the number of beers brands that you can include in this list. In addition, you can share with friends through social media.

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Pros and Cons


  • Huge database packed with information on thousands of beer brands in the market
  • Easy-to-navigate interface
  • Smart search feature


  • Your device has to be connected to a reliable Internet to enjoy all its features

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Final Thoughts

Beer Buddy is your companion when going out to a party or local entertainment joint. The information provided is real and is updated regularly to ensure you get accurate results.  

Beer Buddy - Barcode Scanner

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