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Duckie Deck Collection app review: the most intriguing educational app



It is important that parents and guardians teach their children moral lessons and social skills from a young age. One way they can do this is by involving their kids in sporting activities. Nonetheless, some kids are too young to embark on intensive sports. For such kids, using amazing apps such as Duckie Deck Collection is an alternative way of improving a child’s social skills. This app consists of fun games that teach kids an array of skills. The app was developed by Duckie Deck Development. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. 

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Duckie Deck Collection


What to Expect

There are tons of apps in the Appstore market presently, but most of these only teach kids mathematics, science or how to read. So what about learning other skills that a child needs outside the classroom doors? Duckie Deck collection is all about teaching kids healthy habits which are essential in life. The six fun games are not only fun for your kids to play, but more so play a key role in developing your child’s creativity.

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It is normal for kids to develop fears of certain things because they are still young. One common fear with lots of kids is that of darkness. The monster game in Duckie Deck collection may help teach kids how to confront such a phobia. The game is about monsters concealed in dark shadows that appear on the screen whilst making bizarre noises. However, once a child taps the screen, a light illuminates the creature, revealing that it’s not scary. This game teaches kids not to be afraid of the dark.

Best Features of Duckie Deck Collection

Duckie Deck’s collection of games is highly polished. The app consists of remarkably bright and very colorful graphics that have been endowed with attractive and friendly monsters and creatures for kids to interact with. Beyond the reward of colorful graphics, Duckie Deck has blended together slick animations that really make games to come to life fascinating children even more.

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The games are tailored to teach kids the very basic activities of life. Some games call for you to share out objects amongst the children. In this particular game, the user has to cut a cake into pieces and divide them equally amongst his friends. The game will only proceed to another level once each of his allies has had an equal share. Such a game educates kids on the significance of sharing.

Another amusing game in this collection is the blowing game. This game necessitates the user to blow on the screen. This causes an array of objects and scenes to appear on the screen whilst showing the impact the blowing action has on them. The items that appear include a balloon that can be inflated and a fan displaying spinning movements, among others. The imagination and creativity put in this game is extremely impressive.

Duckie Deck Collection


Pros and Cons


  • Consists of educational games
  • Has colorful graphics
  • Teaches kids responsibility


  • There is nothing negative to say

Final Thoughts

Duckie Deck Collection App is a fun and unique way of teaching kids extra skills which are significant in their life.

Duckie Deck Collection

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