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No Agenda app review: a great premise but poor graphics



No Agenda is an iPhone and iPad app that will entertain and educate people to think outside the content that is broadcast. In the game, you will collect people to enlighten them and increase producer numbers to get the message across.

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No Agenda



No Agenda is an educational game that requires the player to educate the people in the app as to the truth. It teaches your students how to look deeper than the information that is produced by the media so that they will objectively understand what is going on in the world. To achieve this, they must go around the game to find the people who need help understanding. As they find more producers for their own news show, they will be able to show the truth behind the stories, and not just the sensationalized information that gets viewers.

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This is a real problem today. Parents for example, are terrified of their children walking to the park alone because they could get kidnapped. In actuality, kidnapping numbers are reduced from years past when our parents or we ourselves were walking to the park alone in Grade One. Everyone is afraid, and there is very little basis for the fear. No Agenda aims to teach students to look deeper and really study what is being presented versus blindly believing.


No Agenda features round icons to activate the tools, and encourages you to stop and think before you make snap decisions on how to use them. It provides a shield in the shape of a green circle to keep you save, a blue square to replenish your energy if you’re running low, and a bomb to toss and save yourself if there is no other choice. By providing a hide, run, or fight type of option, it is a natural choice but your students will learn what works best in each situation.

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For example, if they were trapped in their room with an intruder, hiding would be the best option, but if they could get their bravery or energy up and quickly sneak out of the window if it’s safe to do so, that would be better. Throwing a bomb would always be the last option because it’s dangerous not only for the attacker, but also for the individual tossing the bomb.

No Agenda


Pros & Cons


  • Encourages players to think objectively about what the media produces
  • Encourages players to think for themselves how to act in a situation
  • Lots of scenarios to try


  • Graphics are less than desirable

Final Thoughts

No Agenda is an iPhone and iPad game that encourages players to think objectively and solve the problems without blindly trusting the news programs. The game requires you to seek out people to educate so that more producers will feature your unbiased reports. Fight, flight, or hide options are provided to navigate the game, and overall while the graphics are less than desirable, the game idea is sound.


No Agenda

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