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SpotSearch for Spotify (Premium) app review: search for your favorite song with ease



You don’t have to grapple with searching for your favorite music, thanks to SpotSearch appyou don’t have to ask everyone the name of the particular song or even sing in order to get them assist you. With this app, you are assisted to get them from your comfort zone by just a few taps on your screen. SpotSearch enables you find the music you've heard on the radio or elsewhere but don't know the title to it. The developer of this awesome app is ThunApps AB, it is compatible with either youriPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices. You have all the liberty and freedom to listen to whatever you like, why struggle to find your favorite music when you can download this app and search it from wherever you are or any time you want?

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SpotSearch for Spotify (Premium)


How does this app work?

With this app all you need to know is a part of the lyrics and you’re good to go. To get started, you have to enter the lyrics into the search box, press "Search" and you'll instantly get the links that will either assist you Spotify, YouTube or iTunes. There are a number of amazing excellent complement to this app.If you are in a noisy environment or just don't know the tune, you simply need to have your smart device, download this app and search for that particular song by just entering a part of the song lyric.You can still use YouTube or the iTunes features to have the music play on your device.

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However, if you encounter some problems while using this app, don’t hesitate to drop a mailto your reliable team of customer care an email. Then you will get more information and will be able to resolve the pertinent issue.

Best features of this app

This app has an array of awe-striking features that will only leave you bursting with joy and excited. The app has a cool interface that makes it have a superb look. The new version 4.0.0 has total design that ensures your application experience is made exceptionally great. The app has an iOS7 compatibility that provides you with a cutting edge technology at your figure tips. The app has an iPad version to ensure that you are not left out in this intriguing app experience.

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SpotSearch for Spotify (Premium)


Pros and Cons


  • Cool graphics
  • Comprehensive search
  • Easy to use
  • Intriguing experience
  • Very quick to load


  • The developer should come up with more updates to this app to ensure its minor malfunctions are addressed. However, you are encouraged to report any problems in order for them to be addressed and improve your app experience.

Final remarks

Note that you will need to have a Spotify installed in your device for it to work. In order to get the most out of this program, download the latest version, but without Spotify you can still use the YouTube or the iTunes features to keep yourself entertained. 


SpotSearch for Spotify (Premium)

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