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Schoology app review: providing the right tools for the best learning experience



Schoology is a learning management system application that offers e-learning tools for teachers. The app offers a free platform where teachers can manage classrooms, create lessons, initiate discussions, grade students, and give assignments and quizzes. For students, the app offers a more convenient learning experience. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Students without smartphones can access classrooms through Schoology’s web-based application.

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Schoology Brings Classrooms to the Digital Age

There are many learning management systems in the App Store today but none can match the rich collection of educational tools offered by Schoology. Most importantly, the app makes the learning experience more enjoyable for students by offering a familiar Facebook-like interface.

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Before downloading this app, you have to create a free account with the Schoology online platform. After this step, you can now access your teaching account from your iOS devices.

You can start delivering lessons online by creating classrooms. The app allows you to create multiple classrooms based on subjects, number of students, and student levels. Each class can be divided into smaller teams or groups to allow more focused discussions and easier classroom management.

To deliver lessons, you can upload course modules, reading materials, videos, and audio lessons to Dropbox. You can make these materials accessible to students through online reading or direct downloads.

You can start interactive discussions by posting updates in specific classrooms. Students can participate in the discussion by replying to threaded conversation which is similar to the comment system of Facebook. The app allows you to post inline videos, audio, and documents in the discussion thread.

The app allows your students to submit assignments to Dropbox. The status of each submission is automatically recorded in the app. And to monitor student performance, you can give quizzes directly from the app, give grades, and view the analytics report on student participation.

Best Features of Schoology

Schoology offers a very familiar interface that is similar to Facebook. The app is easy to use with intuitive control and navigation systems.

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This app offers color-coded folder system for organizing lessons and assignments. You can create as many folders as you need per lesson or classroom. The impressive organizational tools of this app allow students to quickly find the required educational materials.

Schoology supports Dropbox integration. You can upload resources to Dropbox so that your students can access them. Students can also submit assignments and course projects via Dropbox.

The app offers different tracking tools for easier student evaluations. It allows you to create a grading sheet with built-in calculator tool. The app’s analytic tool allows you to view real time student participation for every discussion.

And lastly, Schoology offers in-app quizzes and exams. You can create custom timed exams and let your students answer the questions from the app. 



Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use with Facebook-like interface
  • Offers integration with Dropbox
  • Built-in tools for student monitoring
  • Allows you to create custom classrooms
  • Offers color-coded folder system
  • With automatic grading system and quizzes                              


  • Requires fast Internet connection; adding an offline option would be great

Final Thoughts

Schoology is one of the best learning management systems in the App Store. It offers a comprehensive set of tools to improve the learning experience of students. This is a highly recommended app for all educators.



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