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Mickey’s Magical Arts World app review: a full-featured app to unleash the creativity of children



Mickey’s Magical Arts World is part of Disney’s interactive creative suite for children of all ages. This app allows children to create characters, compose music, and make fancy designs while exploring five magical Disney worlds. It offers full creative control as characters come to life and interact with famous Disney cartoon stars. Developed by Disney Imagicademy, the app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Mickey’s Magical Arts World


Enjoy Hours of Creative Entertainment with Magical Arts World

Mickey’s Magical Arts World is a free to download app with in-app purchase options for unlocking more features. The free version allows you to try limited sections of the app including the Drawing World, Movie Making, Designs, Materials, and Music.

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The app allows you to purchase individual sections but you also have the option to unlock everything to enjoy the full creative suite.

When you load this app, you will be welcomed by familiar Disney characters in their wonderful world. The five main sections of the app are easily accessible in the home screen.

Mickey’s Drawing world allows you to create your own wonderful characters. You can draw anything from scratch using virtual pencils, crayons, watercolors, and paintbrushes. The app offers guided drawings but you can add as many design elements as you want.

The Donald’s costume studio and movie maker is one of the best sections in this app. This section allows you to try different costumes for your characters and make custom movies.

To test your child’s musical talent, you should try Mickey’s music section where you control different musical instruments to compose songs. The app offers full control over tempo, rhythms, and beats.

Minnie’s Design world and Goofy’s Materials shop are also worth mentioning. These sections allow children to practice their designing skills. In Goofy’s shop, your child can create the wackiest toys and objects from scratch. 

Enjoy Hours of Creative Entertainment with Magical Arts World image

Best Features of Mickey’s Magical Arts World

Magical Arts World offers a rich collection of different creative tools. The app allows children to draw, create new designs, paint buildings, and compose music. The creative options of this app are impressive. It will really sharpen the user’s artistic talent.

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The app offers exceptional interactive game play. Your custom characters come alive in a home movie and they will interact with the Disney Playhouse gang. You can create as many characters as you want and make them the hero of your movies.

Magical Arts World offers impressive audio and sound effects. The Disney heroes will talk to you as you draw characters and create designs. The high quality audio comes into full play when you start composing music as the app delivers realistic sounds. 

Best Features of Mickey’s Magical Arts World image

Mickey’s Magical Arts World


Pros and Cons


  • Offers five exciting magical worlds
  • Full drawing suite for creating characters
  • Allows you to create movies
  • Impressive design options
  • Offers high impact graphics and quality audio


  • Needs in-app purchase to unlock all features
  • At more than 500mb, the app requires the latest iOS devices

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Mickey’s Magical Arts World is a fun-filled app packed with exciting creative tools. It can develop your child’s artistic talent. This is a recommended app for the whole family. 

Mickey’s Magical Arts World

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